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Genesis Sections

  • Accessories
  • Emulators
  • Emul. Operation Tips
  • Genedit
  • How Videogames Are Made For Genesis
  • Basic Videogame Production
    2.View Mode
  • Advanced VideoGame Production
    1.The Demos
    5.Final Gold Editing
  • PC Equivelents
  • Screen Shot Comp.
  • Translations
  • Tech. Resource Info.
  • Utilities
  • And Finally...

    Console Sections

  • 32x
  • Gameboy
  • GameGear
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Neo-Geo
  • NES
  • Playstation
  • SNES
  • Sega-CD
  • Master System
  • Turbo Graphics 16

    Feature Sections

  • Blaster Master U.G.
  • Console Necessities
  • Emulation.h(e)lp
  • EMULinks
  • Front Ends Central
  • Game Skins
  • Hosted Projects
  • Message Board #1
  • Ningendo
  • Rare ROMS Page
  • Sonic HeadQuarters
  • Sonic Stuff Research
  • Suggested Links
  • Translation Central
  • Mtek RPG Facility
  • V. Gaming FanFare
  • W E M U
  • Ynt Tranlators

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    Step 2: Advanced Programming

    Moving to more advanced features like assembley and C, this Advanced Section explains the different languages you can use and how effects are GooD and BAD. The first is C. Common in making a SNES game, C is structured and is very good for doing tasks again and again. C also is fast, but not as fast as ASM. When you make a game with ASM, speed is great but you lose your easyness. On to sound. You want to sample sound? MIDI it? Choose wisely, because 44k consumes 128k per SECOND.(Game hold about a little more...) So, you sample down-graded to 22KHz or lower....And graphics....Your resolution is very close to C64 :) Your colors on the Genesis is limited, but some games look better than the SNES (NHLx). You have to put the limits of your system in your mind and go on from there, If you want to make a game, you shold start by concept, then make a small demo like a title screen or more. Then you can figure out what game YOU want to make.

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