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    09/09/99 OH MY GOD AN UPDATE! Right... Well im the new updater of the N64 section... call me Offspng,OffspngBNL, or TwinD(as seen on EFNET), well... i updated the Emu sections with 1964, Sunset, True Reality for windows,PC64... but well Dreamcast is out, go buy one have fun..

    07/10/99 The author here hasn't done much work so I'm temporarily taking over again...and guess what? I got glide wrappers. Click  here as for ROMS..well I got a 56k modem, so I might upload some more! (MIGHT) Contributions are A-L-W-A-Y-S welcome!

    N64 Emulation Sections    
    Accessories - Toys for your toys: a listing of add-ons available for the unit. Like the rumble pack, or the expansion pack. (Not ready yet)



    Emulators - A section that reviews each emulator and discusses the pros and cons of each emulator from Project Reality to Project Unreality 
    Emulator Operation Tips - Having trouble running the latest and greatest emulator? Read this document of tips and advise. It contains answers to the questions I get asked the most. (It could even save you some headaches.)
    GD&L - Games, game sites, translations, utilities, you name it. If it deals with the N64 and it can be downloaded, then it's in here. 



    PC equivilents - A listing of quality console based games ported to the PC. 



    Screen Shot Comparison - A simple page to compare the graphical emulation of all N64 emulators. 



    Technical Resource Information - Are you an emulator author looking for technical related information concerning this unit? Look no further! (Ok, its not a tech info page, but it does give you a outsider scope on how it runs. If I'm wrong on anything, mail me!)
    And Finally... - Luigi in Super Mario 64? (Beta 1 Release - Up but under heavy construction)



    N64 Unit Image
    The N64

    Quick Specs List:

  • Released: 1996
  • Main Processor: R4300i 93.75 mHz , 125 MIPs
  • Co-processor: Cp0, Cp1, Cp2
  • Sound: no dedicated sound processor, handled through co-processors. Unit capable of 16 bit stereo, 44.1Khz; ADPCM sound compression, up to 100 PCM channels
  • Data Path width: processors: 64-bit, memory: 128-bit
  • Color Palette: 16.8 Million
  • On screen: 21-bit color
  • 3D Capabilities: 160,000 rectangular polygons per sec with all hardware features turned on
  • Ram: 4 Megabytes or 8 with expansion pack
  • Cart Size: 64Megabit (8 Megs) to current 256 Megabit (32 Megs)Will expand to 512 Megs with the N64DD. 
  • Controller: 9 buttons with 8-way direction pad and analog direction stick
  • Info: The Nintendo 64 was a radical change from the accepted way by still using cartridges. It is debateable on how much this affected them, but the main lack was the lack of titles in the beginning. Now the Nintendo 64 is going strong due to Rare, Nintendo, Konami, Acclaim, and Midway. Acclaim and Midway has a resurgance because of their support for the Nintendo 64. They could make a sports game for the Nintendo 64 and have it be the only one out there. The fact that people believed it would die stopped after Banjo-Kazooie came out, and switched to whether Zelda would knock Sony from the top spor. The Nintendo started a trend with it's controller set up. It made a analog and digital joystick, along with the memory card port on the bottom of the controller. It has spawned the rumble pack, which Sony copied, and the 4 controller ports which made Goldeneye such a popular game. When Goldeneye was in the top 10 games sold in 98 when it was released in 97 says a lot about the fun death matching it has. 5 chipsets, the cartridge and memory needed to be emulated, and people thought it would take a 800 Mhz computer. Well, UltraHLE fixed that theory. And this is where we are. I'm still disappointed about the fact that it is limited to 32MB of Data.

    20220 plus 63,150 have entered this section.