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About the Super NES:
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The Super NES
The Super NES. Nintendo's system that was supposed to be the ultimate system and to rule all systems. Before SNES was released, Genesis came from under the radar and practally stole the spotlight. The only hope was with DKC to gain market support. It worked, and along with 32x, this started the move to the SNES. but it was too little, too late. Next-Gen systems like the Playstation and Saturn were coming to demolish all 16-bits. What SNES did well, of course, was RPG's. You will find the most RPG's for ANY system on the SNES. Mostly Square, but Enix and even Capcom got a release of an RPG on this system. May the System RIP with FF3 :)


SNES Sections

  • Accessories
  • The CD-ROM
  • Emulators
  • Classic RPG's
  • PC Equivilents
  • Tech. Resource Info.
  • Translations
  • Utiltiies
  • And Finally...

    Console Sections

  • 32x
  • Gameboy
  • GameGear
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Neo-Geo
  • NES
  • Playstation
  • SNES
  • Sega-CD
  • Master System
  • Turbo Graphics 16

    Feature Sections

  • Blaster Master U.G.
  • Console Necessities
  • Emulation.h(e)lp
  • EMULinks
  • Front Ends Central
  • Game Skins
  • Hosted Projects
  • Message Board #1
  • Ningendo
  • Rare ROMS Page
  • Sonic HeadQuarters
  • Sonic Stuff Research
  • Suggested Links
  • Translation Central
  • Mtek RPG Facility
  • V. Gaming FanFare
  • W E M U
  • Ynt Tranlators

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    Thanks for the 100's of people who wanted Earthbound, Its in there now :) (On page 4) Also added a new screenshot and added an archive for the was getting too big :)
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    SNES Sections

  • Accessories
    The SNES had great accessories in its lifetime, check them out!
  • The CD-ROM
    Remember this ill-fated add-on? This page explains why and how the deal with Sony went down the tubes, and the N64 came out of it.
  • Emulators
    Emulation of the SNES, like ZSNES and SNES9x.
  • Classic RPG's
    Final Fantasy 3. Chrono Trigger. Terrigama? Did you miss that one? Check out this page to find out about the Classics that made the SNES.
  • PC Equivilents
    A listing of quality console based games ported to the PC.
  • Tech. Resource Info.
    You want the POWER of the SNES? These are the Specs. In ENGLISH.
  • Translations
    Want Secret of Mana 2 or many other translations? Look no further then here.
  • Utiltiies
    Utilities, Like a sound ripper to get sounds off SNES roms and others.
  • And Finally...
    We must ban Nintendo from those darned Yoshi Beatings!

    Quick Specs List:
  • Released: Nov 26th 1990 (Japan); Christmas, 1991 U.S.
  • Main Processor: 65816 (thanks Black Cat, Guillaume)
  • Co-processor: None (DSP and SuperFX were made inside the cart of selected games)
  • Sound: SPC700 ("wavetable-like" music, near 16-bit sound quality playback(CD) & Q-Sound surround sound.)
  • Data Path width: 16-bits
  • Color Palette: 32,768
  • On screen: 256; max 32,768?
  • Control of 128 sprites at a time
  • Ram: 64kb(for sound processing)
  • Rom addressing:
  • Cart Size: 4Mbit - 128 Megabit Max. (Tengay Maikio(70+ Megabits) is the largest game)
  • Controller: 8-way direction pad with 8 buttons (2 flipper buttons)