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    The Players

    Genecyst - this emulator has been discontuned. But if offers much more than the other emulators. On my P200, Sonic the Hedgehog 1's animations display and move better than the Genesis. All games will play at the same speed as they do on the Genesis: no faster, no slower, thanks to its speed limiting code. (It can be altered to make games run faster or slower under Settings/Timing... ) Sound support has just been added, and it has been improved with each release. The FM synthesis is great, thanks to Genecyst's supurb digital FM emulation! The digital sound sampling(PSG) playback has been fixed so the digital audio no longer takes center stage as being the loudest noise coming out of your speakers! But this added feature of sound does not come for nothing: it takes I noticed that the animation in most games became more jumpy with sound enabled at 44KHz. 22KHz isnt bad.
    But, other features were added, like an oscilloscope like visual sound output.
    Download Genecyst x.xx DOS

    KGEN 98 - a great emulator, still in developement. Unlike most emulators projects, the author of this emulator waited until the emulator was somewhat finished before posting a release to the public. Written in 100% assembly, the emulator is faster Genecyst. (Try running Sonic 3, if not faster. The emulator's digital sound playback (PSG) is near perfect, with FM sound is as accurate or a bit less then Genecyst. Some features include, screen shot capability, auto speed-down adjustment, joystick support, in-play volume control, a mouseless GUI, and a savestate option, where the savegame files are compatible with Genecyst savestates files. ( A HUGE plus.) The author has been hard at work latly updating the emulator. The biggest change that I have seen is the absence of the annoying long pause of the emulator initializing when executed.
    Download KGEN 98 .4 Beta DOS

    VGEN - a work in progress. This emulator is has pretty good sound support and runs many games. It is not, however, as compatible as Kgen or Genecyst. One thing this emulator has that, so far, no other emulator has is preliminary Sega CD support. Right now it can only display the bios screen.
    Download VGEN .14 DOS
    DGEN - Well, this emulator is flaky, but it does run most games. Worth a download, If you have the time. Most stuff is emulated now, and can run 50-75% of the games.
    Download DGEN 1.19a Windows