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Genesis Sections

  • Accessories
  • Emulators
  • Emul. Operation Tips
  • Genedit
  • How Videogames Are Made For Genesis
  • Basic Videogame Production
    2.View Mode
  • Advanced VideoGame Production
    1.The Demos
  • PC Equivelents
  • Screen Shot Comp.
  • Translations
  • Tech. Resource Info.
  • Utilities
  • And Finally...

    Console Sections

  • 32x
  • Gameboy
  • GameGear
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Neo-Geo
  • NES
  • Playstation
  • SNES
  • Sega-CD
  • Master System
  • Turbo Graphics 16

    Feature Sections

  • Blaster Master U.G.
  • Console Necessities
  • Emulation.h(e)lp
  • EMULinks
  • Front Ends Central
  • Game Skins
  • Hosted Projects
  • Message Board #1
  • Ningendo
  • Rare ROMS Page
  • Sonic HeadQuarters
  • Sonic Stuff Research
  • Suggested Links
  • Translation Central
  • Mtek RPG Facility
  • V. Gaming FanFare
  • W E M U
  • Ynt Tranlators

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    Step 4: Alpha-Beta

    You know the games. You know the games that crash when you open them and you know what to do with them. Or do you? Alpha and Beta games(which are appearing more and more on the PC) are not finished games. They are works-in-progress. (Quake 3 is beta, so you can try it, but do not be suprised if its slow, wont work, etc.) See, when the Alpha/Beta game called Sonic 4 has the guy moving TOWARD the Grim Reaper, something is terriably wrong. This is the stage which shows the problems with the game, and where they are fixed. Some don't, however..........(Pokemon----Missing NO :))
    You know your cheats? Theyre NOT bugs. They were put in there for Alpha/Beta testers to use so they don't have to master the game. Sometimes, these codes aren't removed, and we have "easter eggs" as a result.

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