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  • Utilities:

    GROM - Quoted from Bart: "It converts SMD files to BIN. It is much faster than uCon, and easier to use in my opinion. It is small, and also portable, the source code is included, and it is public domain so anyone can use it for whatever purposes they want! It comes with a 32-bit DOS executable and one for FreeBSD/i386 (ELF) as well. SMD ROM documentation by your's truly has been included also, this may be useful for any ROM hackers or Genesis emulator authors."
    (Released: ?, size: ?k, DOS)

    [CARTxxx Utilities] - Can be used to extract info from Genesis, SNES, GameBoy, and TG-16 carts and to check to see if they are corrupted.
    (Released: ?, size: ?k, DOS)

    [GeneConv v0.9] - A SMD->BIN and BIN->SMD converter for Genesis ROMs. VERY easy to use, but a bit slow.
    (Released: ?, size: ?k, DOS)

    [GenEM <=> Genecyst SaveState Converter (GegC)] - Self explainitory. Please note that Genecyst SaveStates are fully compatible with KGen98.
    (Released: 7/97, size: 4.7k, DOS)

    [GenEdit v2.01] - A Kgen/Genecyst save game editor with editing support for Genesis and TG-16 S-RAM files. (Save Ram)
    (Released: 5/97, size: ?k, DOS)

    [Genecyst Sprite Editor] - A ROm hacking utility that lets you edit the sprites within ROMs. It required Genecyst to output VRAM and CRAM dumps from to ROM to properly work.
    (Released: 9/97, size: 70.1k, DOS)

    [GenList v1.0] - This utility lists all the Genesis ROMs on your harddrive into one text file. Helpful for those that trade ROMS online.
    (Released: 5/97, size: 217k, DOS)

    [GG 2 MD v0.01] - Converts GameGear ROMs to Genesis(MegaDrive) compatible ROM images. Why you would want to do this, I don't know.
    (Released: 4/98, size: 5.3k, DOS)

    [Header Tool and a Front End] - No real name given to these utilities.

    [Launch Tool] -
    (Released: 2/98, size: ?k, Win95)

    [Megatools] - It joins, it splits and it converts Sega Roms. It even repairs roms!
    (Released: 5/97, size: 167k, DOS)

    [Phansty Star 4 SaveGame Editor] - A utility to edit Phantasy Star 4 savegames. (Released: 1/97, size: 30.4k, DOS)

    [ROMEDIT] - A program that lets you edit the text within games. Currently, ROMEDIT supports NES, SNES and Gameboys ROMS and claims to even work for Genesis and TG16 ROMS.
    (Released: ?/??, size: ?k, DOS)

    [SegaGGGCC] - A nifty little program that lets you create, edit and manage your own Game Genie codes for any Genesis ROM
    (Released: 10/96, size: 30.2k, DOS)

    [Sega Tools V1.02] - It joins, it splits and it converts Sega Roms. All in one program. (Joy.)A MUST for all Genesis emulator buffs.
    (Released: 8/95, size: 8.2k, DOS)

    [Ucon ROM Image Converter] - Not only does this program convert Roms to other formats but it also tests a Rom image to see if it legitimate or not.
    (Released: 8/95, size: 8.2k, DOS)