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About the unit:
As a kid during those long, boring as hell bus ride to and from school, I could help but wonder,
Gameboy Unit Image
The Gameboy
Wouldn't it be cool if I could bring my NES game with me and play these game on some portable game unit with some kind of screen? At the time, all we had were those "Tiger Electronics" hand held units, where the charactors' sprites were pre-made on an LCD panel. The game movement was not at all smooth or realistic. Therefore, the games pretty much sucked. Then came gameboy.
This popular handheld unit was introduced in 1988(9). It had a good sized LCD screen, which had a greenish tint. This tint was mocked upon later on, after color portable game units were released. But, unlike them, the gameboy unit has a longer battery life. It also had stereo FM sound with optional headphone jack, (so teachers would not know that you were playing gameboy in class,) and a cartrage slot to exchange games. The game themselfs sold for about $20 each. Not bad, considering that those Tiger Electronic hand held junky games cost $15 each!
The gameboy is still pretty much alive today, with games still being made for this unit.
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    GameBoy Emulation Sections . .
    Accessories - Toys for your toys: a listing of add-ons available for the unit.

    Emulators - A section that you will find all gameboy emulators and their latest versions!

    Emulator Operation Tips - Having trouble running the latest and greatest emulator? Read this document of tips and advise. It contains answers to the questions I get asked the most. (It could even save you some headache.)

    GD&L - Games, game sites, translations, utilities, you name it. If it deals with the GameBoy and it can be downloaded, then it's in here.

    Interviews - Interviews with the Authors behind the emulators

    PC equivilents - A listing of quality console based games ported to the PC.

    Screen Shot Comparison - A simple page to compare the graphical emulation of all SNES emulators.

    Technical Resource Information - Are you an emulator author looking for technical related information concerning this unit? Look no further!

    And Finally... - Pocket Monsters: The show that makes Japanese kids and adults sick.

    Quick Specs List:
  • CPU: 8-bit Z80 work-alike at 4.194304MHz
  • RAM: 8kB internal
  • VRAM: 8kB internal
  • ROM: 256kBit, 512kBit, 1MBit, 2MBit and 4MBit cartridges are known (32kB, 64kB, 128kB, 256kB and 512kB). Probably, there are 16kB cartridges as well.
  • Sound: 4 channels each of which can be mapped either to the left or to the right or to both speakers
  • Video: Display: Reflective LCD 160x144 dots Colors: 4 shades of gray Sprites: 40 sprites 8x8/8x16
  • Communications: Serial port. Up to 4 Gameboys can be connected together using these ports. Baud rate and protocol are unknown.
  • Power: 6 Volts, 0.7 Watts 4 AA Batteries - 35 hours Rechargable battery (NAKI) - 12 hours
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