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  • Accessories
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  • Genedit
  • How Videogames Are Made For Genesis
  • Basic Videogame Production
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  • Advanced VideoGame Production
    1.The Demos
    5.Final Gold Editing
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  • Screen Shot Comp.
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  • Sega-CD
  • Master System
  • Turbo Graphics 16

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  • Blaster Master U.G.
  • Console Necessities
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  • Rare ROMS Page
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    Step 1: The Demos

    Demos. What you play a lot if you cant afford much :) How does a demo get started, and when? If you remember step 1 from the Beginners Guide, you'll see when. Inside the Fleshing, there is another phase. This one is the programming of a demonstration of a game. It can be just a video(ie. FF8), or it can be much, much more(Doom, Quake, Kingpin?). It all depends on how much you want that game. Also, a game STILL can be axed here. Its the turning point of when the Game is completed and the Concept is being made.

    If you want to make a game, you shold start by concept, then make a small demo like a title screen or more. Then you can figure out what game YOU want to make.

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