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    Step 3: Programming

    Wow, programming isn't first! Programming is the longest and hardest part of the Videogame Production. You have to make the game "work."(Although some JUST DID NOT :)
    First, you work on the Graphics. The Genesis itself has only 64 colors at a time and only 320x224 resolution, so Graphics can't be too difficult. But theres the hard part: Genesis has the extra featres like Scaling of the Backgrounds and Sprites. What Sprites are, hmm? Sprites are people who you can control to get "hit," "smashed," "leap," and many more. Example: In Sonic 4, there is many baddies and the Grim Reaper. All are sprites. All can be hit together, and then programmed to do whatever.
    Next comes sound. Sound, like any other thing, can be great or bad, depending on how you use it. In Sonic 4, don't expect happy music when the Grim Reaper takes you. All sounds are based on the Genesis' Sound Hardware, which is terrible. (Some games did have good sound though) (Please Look at Genesis Hardware In English if you dont know the parts.) You cant do much with it, but you CAN have fun with it :)

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