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    Historical Archives

    What is the purpose of looking at the crummy, molding, out of date pages from the 'Zone's past? To let everyone know that behind every successful page, there lies a lot of dedication and hard work. Along with layouts we sometimes would rather not admit that they are our own creation!

    Old Emulation Zone Pages

    Emulation Zone 1996 Emulation Zone Spring 1997 Emulation Zone Fall 1997 - August 1998
    The orignal layout of the 'Zone before I started to learn HTML. (Somewhat damaged.) The first major revision of the 'Zone's layout after moving to the vgernet.net server. The second major revision of the 'Zone before we changed it to what it is today.

    Emulation Zone Sept. 1998 - Jan. 1999    
    The first big revision of the out layout before we moved to the EmulationWorld server.

    Old NES Pages

    NES Page 1996 NES Page 1997 NES Page Summer 1998
    The first version of our NES page. (YUK!) The NES page after a badly needed fix The layout of the page before we changed it to what it is today.

    Old Coleco Page?

    Yep! We actually had a Coleco page up! It was headed by Zach, the now host of this site! These pages were created before he learned any real html code!
    Coleco Page Teaser 1996 Coleco Page Full 1996
    A little teaser that the page would go up The actually page. I actually made Zach remove a galaxy image from the background because it clashed with the rest of the Emulation Zone layout. (hehe!)