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    ROM Hacking & Translation Sites

    The sites listed here deal with ROM hacking and/or the translation of text in a ROM image (game) from one language to another.

    If you or someone you know runs a ROM hacking site and is in need of hosting, (and their site meets our strick requirements,) then us an email at for more information.

    ROM Hacking/Translation

    gym2mid - Other then the gym2mid utiltiy, the author is alos busy tranlating ROMs from Japanese to English.

    Organized Chaos - Longer time staff member Stealth gets a sub-domain to house his programming projects, including SonED, a Sonic the Hedgehog ROM level editor!

    Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On Technology Hacking Guide, The Original - Andy's guide for those that want to know more about the mysterious "Lock-On Technology" that SEGA touted in the classic SEGA Genesis game "Sonic & Knuckles". (No longer maintained.)

    Sonic Secrets Group - Information for those into hacking the Sonic the Hedgehog line of games. Now "", AKA, the new SSRG.

    Sonic Stuff Research Group - Information for those interested in hacking into the Sonic the Hedgehog line of games. Discontinued

    Wacked Hacks (wakdhacks) - Yet another wacky hacking group to join the 'Zone.