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This month, the Emulation Zone will be celebrating our second year of existance! But this could be our last yearly celebration. After this month, I will no longer be able to work on this page full time like I have in the pass. With my absence, I'm afread this page may perish. I refuse to let this happen while I still have time to steer this page away from disaster. If you are interested in helping us out here at the Emulation Zone, or want more information on anything discussesed, then please read this news flash for the full details.

No fancy graphics. No java scripts. Just pure, raw information that you can use, (with a game here and there.) Weather CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE TOP 1000! you are a newbee to the world of emulation, a vietran looking for some tips or utilites, a console gamer (like myself) or a ROMahalic, this page will help you find what your looking for.
Just one quick note about this page's layout before you go on: all files and information are divided into sections based on system. The listing of these sections are found in the Console Emulation Section below. Links to generial information sections are found below as welle.
Pleae note that I do not cover the emulation of extremely out-of-date game systems like the Atari 2600 or the Commador 64. I will not waste my time or yours on game systems with quality so bad, it's laughable, nowadays. Instead, I provide information for the systems that remain somewhat popular even today.

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No Carrier for more info. We are on the look-out for additional people to add to our staff.
Console Emulation Sections . .
Below is a listing of console systems covered here in the 'Zone. Each section discucess the emulators avalable for the particlar unit, along with a list of games (ROMs), utilities, front ends, translations and much much more!

Master System
Turbo Graphics 16

Check out my old Main Links" page, which was my old way of representing this info.
Feature Sections . .
What's new here and in gossip.

Main Emulation Page - Emulators, tips, ROMs, utilities and much much more! This is where everything is located.

Console Necessities - When complete, this page will contain links to various companies selling ROM copyier and accessories such as console controller adaptors. (Up, but Under contruction.)

Credits & Curses - A list of people who have either help me or given me greif.

Emulators: A help file for the beginner - After having to explain the world of emulation to my friends, I finally decided that it would be helpful to compile a document explaining what new-commers to this area need to know and what they should expect. (Version 1.0 - spelling & grammer correctect! Spacing screwed-up by MicroSoft Word 97. DOH!)

EMU FAQ - A helpful FAQ page concerning emulation. (By Blizzard)

The Holy War - Who riped who? (Like the layout for the title on Node 99 accidently looks like mine. Ya, right.) My account on what I think Node 99 ripped of my cool ideas. (A story from my point of view. Many people requested this data during the incident.) Also includes other related incidents.

Request Page - Can't find the game even though you tried everywhere? Have lots of games but don't know how or where to begining sharing them with? Go here! This is a request page where you can make your requests noted, or help out someone by providing us some hard-to-find ROMs.

ROM site List - When complete, this page will contain links to various permanite ROM sites. (Up, but Under Contruction. If you want your site listed, please email a link to your site.)

Sonic Stuff - Sonic the Hedgehog related stuff, like cheats (in one way or another) ROMs and my exclusive Sonic & Knuckles lock-on technology trick for ROM images.

//// Under Construction //// - What's under development for the page?

Other Links . .

- This page is dedicated to providing a large resource of information on emulators, on the people who make emulators, and how emulators are affecting the Internet and computer industry. You might also want to check-out their version of my S&K Lock-On technique, or, as they call it, The Sonic & Knuckles Piggy-Back Technique

Console Cable- This company sells various adaptors to connect console controllers to your computer.

CoolList- A emulator based mailing list.

Dave's Video Classics - A great site to for information on older console systems, like the Atari 2600. The site also has an extensive selection of arcade ROM's.

EMU News Service - The best place to find updated information on emulators and related articals. (I recommend reading the interview of Massage's author.)

Emulnation 4 - A good alternative to the Emulation Zone. The history of this page is much like that of Babylon 5: EN 1 wasn't doing well and was destroyed, so was EN 2. EN 3 wasn't too bad, but the plug was pulled. Now lets hope that EN 4 does not mysteriously disappear like Babylon 4 did. Good luck with the page Marc!

EMU Search- A generic search engine to help you find emulator related information.

ROM Editing Utilty - Not sure why I placed this link here.

- A great generial emulation site for people using the PC-Platform. (DOS and Windows 3.1/95)

Submit comment or corrections to me, NO CARRIER, at wacko@javanet.com.
Big thanks to Louis Martinez for for making the main logo look more "cooler"!

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