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If you make it, they will come...
The Emulation Zone is the brainchild of Andrew Wolan, a student and long time console gamer. He started his own emulator page in last August 1996. He did so, because he was disappointed with the content of the emulator-based websites out on the Internet. (And because of a friendly "dare" to come-up with the best webpage of severial friends!)
An example of a site out at this time would be a page that merely lists the emulators for various systems and gaves them a one to four star rating based on there performance. ROMs where hardly distrubed, except on a few site, and those site were hard to come by. Even harder to come by where sites that actually provided help to new people interested in the world of emulation.
So, with the creation of the Emulation Zone website, Andy would be able to set an example on what an emulator site should have, and thus started a commitment to provide a page geared towards the console gamer.
Two years later, time have changed, and so has the emulation scene. Now a days, when you go to an emulator-based site, you will see links for ROMs or links to ROM sites, emulators with description of their ups-and-downs, not a scale, and even some tech help for the newbee! I can't say I was responsible for this, but I must say, I am glad to see things change. But, the change has just started and a lot more work needs to be done. I can't help everyone, but I sure can help this site. So, we will our commitment to provide to the world a webpage geared for the console gamer and the console newbee like we have for two years! Have fun with the site and welcome to the 'Zone!

Andrew Wolan
Founder of the Emulation Zone