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    All Information is in No Particular Order
  • Auston - For providing me the correct hardware specs for EACh console system covered on this site! Austin is also the new SegaCD, Sega 32X and Neo-Geo section maintainer and resident console hardware guru! Good luck with position, Auston!
  • Big Daddy Lou - A big thanks goes out to Lou for providing ALOT of support to the page early on, which ranged from providing numerous ROM images to the ROM request page and for enhancing the logo on the main page by making it look more "cooler". Big Daddy Lou was also in charge of the now extinct "ROM Request" section of this page back in 1997.
  • Blizzard - For allow me to host his great FAQ page!
  • David Michel - For providing the specs on the Turbo Graphics 16 system and explaining any feature on the unit I did not understand.
  • Manu - For helping me out with the Sonic & Knuckles lock-on trick by providing some information on what other gamse can be "piggy-backed" with S&K.
  • Jim from EmuNews Service - Without the publicity he give on his site when our site was in trouble, back in late August 1998, I doubt the 'Zone would be around today. Thanks, Jim!!
  • The Emulation Zone Staff - For coming to my side in my time of need to keep this page that I sacraficed so much to keep up alive for me.
  • Psycotron - For the neat new banner logos! Good luck with the TG-16 section of the page!
  • Rand - A BIG "thank you" goes out to Rand designing the Perl script to automatice to the "WEMU" and "Updates" sections!
  • Stealth - For giving me a first hand look at some ground breaking new discoveries in the Sonic 3 and S&K lock-on technolgy.
  • Tails - For finding various typos on my page and for helping me perfect my Sonic & Knuckles lock-on trick.
  • Vermillion - For support toward my page during dark times.
  • Zach - For hosting our site and getting us our own domain name.

  • . . . . and many many many others who have helped me out in some form over the past three years! To those people, I say thanks for your support!

  • Big Erin - For trying to extend Holy War #2 by emailing me bogus claims and then forwarding all replies straight to Zophar in an attempt to make me say something stupid to cause a scene. Go watch Seseme Street you freakin' 40 year-old jackass if you have nothing better to do. (I'll have my sister curse you if you can't.)
  • Jerry Chadwick (aka YOSHI) - Here's a real winner. He hacked into ZTNET, (host of Emulationzone.Org), gave himself a "root" or equivalent account, and redirected secondary DNS traffic from that server to his. He then complained to ZTNET to correct this problem that he created. When they didn't, he redirecting the visitors of this traffic (including that from the 'Zone, whose visitors are mostly minors) to porno. Do I need to say more?
  • Midnight Mage - For getting everyone using for an ISP banned for #emu on EICN, including me, that bitch.
  • The phoney NO CARRIER on Undernet IRC - For trying to steal my nick that I created 5+ years ago and for flooding me off the dam IRC server several time so the asshole can use my nick. "People only know me by this nick and won't be able to find me." Oh boo fucking hoo. I agreed to let him use the nick if he needs it, but contact me first, not fucking flooding me off the server you bitch.
    I created the that nick because it was so stupid, I figured no one else would want it, hell use it for that matter. Guess I'm wrong.

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