Offical Political Figure . .
Don't forget to vote for Joe Malone, candidate for governor!
Sept. 1998 - Nov. 1998

Offical Santa Figure . .
Seasons Greetings from 'Zone staff! (Click on image to enlarge.)
Nov. 1998 - Jan. 1999

Official Valentine Figure    
Who's the perfect icon to represent the biggest day for floral and chocolate sales then the sweetheart of the lead character of the biggest and most popular line of video games? Amy!
Jan. 1999 - Mar. 1999

Official Easter Bunny    
Jazz Jackrabbit: The Easter Bunny for next millenium. This gun tooting rabbit guarantees Easter candy deliveries to even the toughest of neighborhoods.
Mar. 1999 - Jan. 2000

Official Sponsor    
The Weapons Depot
The Weapons Depot: because bad neighbors are always the reason.
Jan. 2000 -