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    Fake Emulation Zone

    We annouced in late August, 1998, that we were going to be moving to our own domain name of www.emulationzone.com. This brought great joy to us, but it also appeared as a money maker for someone else. He/she/it registered the domain name of www.emulationzone.com in an attempt to steal it from us and then sell it back to us for a ransom. Well, instead of paying the randsom , we privately bought www.emulationzone.org, which is what we have today. To be honest, I prefer the .org extension verses the .com extension.

    You might be saying, "Well, maybe he tried to rip your name or something to start his own emulator website. You don't have any proof that he wanted money for it." Maybe so, but I doubt it. If you visit http://www.emulationzone.com, you will notice that it is has some premade webpage saying "The future site of emulationzone.com". Well, it has been saying that since Sept 14 or so! I person that bought www.emulationzone.com has no intention of doing anything with that domain name. I even emailed the guy that bought the name him asked him when he was going to update the page. He said that he was going to get the page going in a month of two. That was last year! It appears this person merely got screwed in an attempt to rip someone off.

    "Well, maybe he's an amateur and didn't know what he was doing. He got screwed, game over, now he won't do it again, right?" Wrong! Actually, this person go got screwed twice! Browse to www.insertcoin.com. The page looks familiar, eh? Now open a telnet window and resolve both www.emulationzone.com and www.insertcoin.com and you will notice that there might be owned by a "different" person, but there are hosted by the same server. I wonder if there are more. I'll keep you posted on any further information that I come across.