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    The critic are going crazy over this page, saying:

    "Your page sucks! Add some Java to it."
    Sure, I will, once you send me that damn stript you keep teasing me with!

    "Who, in their right mind, would waste their time on unstable emulators?"
    Like people who have more on their mind then porno, bunghole!!

    "I don't want an emulator that will fuc*-up my PC."
    The emulator programs that are on my page work.

    "The grammer and spelling is terrible!"
    I am slowly working on this as part of a long personal jorney towards ultimate perfection...

    "You page is cool.... I added a bookmark to your page."
    A patron of this wonderful page!!!

    "Great page... I added your page to my favorites list."
    Another patron of this wonderful page that uses Internet Explorer

    "loser." Spam eatter. K-Mart shooper.

    "Stop ripping Node 99 and create a original layout."
    Sorry mac, you have the situation backwords. See my Holy War Page for more info.

    "...this page looks like something you tried to rescue from the garbage bin...
    It's not nice talking about your own page like that, Robert.

    "Eat spam and die!"
    Hay! That's my line!

    "Hay, thanks for figuring that Sonic & Knuckles lock-on thing! I've been wondering if it was possible."
    I get this alot!!!

    "Your 32-X/Sega-Cd/N64 page sucks. I hate it. It's sucks. Bla bla bla bla bla......
    Why, because I said that there are no real emulators for those systems on their respective pages and you just realized the fact that I was telling the truth?????? (I have no real idea what this guy was talking about. He even attached a stupid .WAV file of him saying, "Your page sucks.")