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    LrdChaos ~
    Neo-Rage Save State Archives

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    LE FastCounter

    Saturday the 27th of March 1999

    We did a little layout rearranging to be consistant with the new layout format on the 'Zone, along with some other fixes.

    Friday the 29th of January 1999

    I just got a new Save State from Numquanex that let's you in King of Fighters '94.  This save (for Rugal) is unstable in the Strong version (there are two versions) for a unknown reason.  Play as a weak version (no special attacks).

    Friday the 1st of January 1999

    I whole month since the last update???? Damn! The RAGE really, really , really needs a new release of NeoRage. (Which so happens will probably never come out) Anyway I have a new Save State for Magical Drop 2 from Numquamex.

    Friday the 4th of December

    Oh my God! Actual new save states? Could this be? Yes!  Thanks to Numquamex we have new savestates for Kabuki Klash that you play as the bosses, Go check them out on that dusty NeoRage emu of yours.   So what if it doesn't have sound?  At least it has save states. :)

    Saturday the 14th of November

    It's been one week since I posted here???? Wow!  We really need new NeoGeo releases these days.   Any way here is a new save that let's you use a flame thrower with unlimited shots in Metal Slug.  Go check it out.  Thanks Numquamex.

    Saturday the 7th of November

    New Save States??? Is this possible? Yes it is! :>  Numquamex (who has sumbit all the recent save states) has bless us with saves to let us play the bosses in Fatal Fury 3!  Go check these babies out!

    Friday the 6th of November

    Ok, let's see here.   I'm opening up a new archive, but I need your support to do this. :>  The new archive is going to be for the M72 arcade emu.  If you need the emu or the roms just goto and click on the roms page to get the needed roms.  You should be able to figure out what kind of steps are required to get a save state (READ THE DOCS!!!)  Anyway just email me the save ,zipped of course, and also include in the email a form telling me your name, email address, Game save is for and what the save does.  In a couple of days, or whenever I get the saves, I post here where to get access to the new archive.  Maybe after this I'll start a RAINE archive, hum :>.

    Tuesday the 27th of October

    Terrible news. NESWorld might shut down it's doors soon.   It needs someone to host his site for free. if you can please help him out. note that his site is HUGE over 100 megs in size.  This isn't NeoGeo news but I love the page so much I would hate to see it go down.

    A new save from LordCrew. The new save is for Voltage Fighter.

        Other stuff

    This page is here for people to post and share their NeoRage Save States. Currently our Archive has well over 100 save states.

    Another good site for save states is The Neo Geo Shack, If I don't have it he might.

    This page was last edited on 01/29/99 01:33 PM

    You can contact me at Please don't be lame and send ROM requests because I won't answer. You never know I might create a Lamer Mailbox for this site WITH your name and email address on it.