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    First off I need people to help make this site grow and be better than it is now.  Here is some of the things I need Done.
  1. Snapshot takers! I need people to download the save states load them up and take a snapshot of what the game looks like after loading the save state. Anyone can do this just take the snapshot and zip it up.  (the bitmaps neorage creates are 210k but if you Zip them up they take less then 25k!) Be sure to include your name, the save state the bitmap was from and How you can be contacted either ICQ #, E-mail address, or Homepage address.
  2. Calling all Graphic designers! I need image that conveys the spirit of this site to be put on top of the first page.  Even if you don't get choosen your work will still be posted for all to see on a runner up page.  Please keep the file smaller then 75k in size after converting to a gif or jpeg image.
  3. This one is easy folks.  I need people to send me their Save States. Even thing you need to know on how to do it is on this page.

    If I can think of anything more I'll post it here.

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