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    Head Staff    
    LrdChaos ~
    Neo-Rage Save State Archives
    Q.) How do I get a "save state file" in NeoRage?

        To get a save state file in NeoRage version 0.2d, Load the game you want to create a save state for.  Then once at the point you wish to save a state of just hit the 'F5' button on your keyboard.  Then to get a screen shot hit the 'F8' key. 2 files will be created.  A bitmap image and a .dat save state file. 

    Q.) What do I do with these files? And where are they?

        The first file is in the 'Shots' sub directory in the format 'ShotX.bmp' where X is the number of the screen shot.  The Second file will be in the 'Savestat' directory of neorage.  the name of the save state file will be based on the name of the zip file or directory the game was loaded from. For example if the game that was run is named it will save a state file called WH2.dat.  If the zip file is not in the standard 8.3 dos format it will save a state like WorldH~1.dat .  Take the two files, the bitmap and the dat file, and Zip them up with Max. compression.

    Q.) How do I submit the Save States to you?

        Last just send the file attached to an email to using this format :

    • Name of Game (full name of Game) :

    • Name/Handle (blank if you want to be Anonymous):

    • Email Address (Blank if you don't want your email address Posted):

    • Short Description of what the save state is of (This is required):

    • What version of Neorage it was created from (This is required):

      That's it! In about a day or two, you will get confirmation email that the message was received and that the file is being posted.

      Thank you for helping make this archive grow. :>

      To contact me or if you have questions concerning the submitting of save states email me a message at