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    What Positions Are Open?
  • NESticle SaveState Archive Maintainer

    The maintainer of the old NESticle savestate archive has called it quits and would like to pass the responciblity off to someone else.If you are interested in reviving and maintaining this section, please E-Mail NO CARRIER.

    Must be familiar with the NES and the NESticle emulator. Must have HTML coding skills.

  • Emulinks.Com Positions

    Emulinks.Com is a video game themed search engine geared solely for gamers. It was built from the ground-up by the EmulationZone.Org staff using mySQL and PHP technologies. Currently, the following positions are open:

    1. Reviewer / Maintainer

    If you are interested in a position over at EmuLinks.com, please visit http://www.emulinks.com/v1.3/join.php3 for more information.

    See above link for requirements.

  • TSSZ Audio Reporter

    TSSZ.Com and TSSZ News is looking for someone who can serve as an audio reporter for its two live programs on Seven--"The Latest at 11" and "TSSZ News at Midday." The reporter would record a report every week on one topic related to Sonic, Sega, video game, or fan news. Applicants should have good knowledge of the Sonic and Sega community, and be able to search for information easily. Experience is not needed, as basic training can be provided. Interested? E-Mail tristan@emulationzone.org.

  • 'Zone Radio Network Positions

    The 'Zone Radio Network ('ZRN) is home to several video game themed internet radio stations. Most of the stations on 'ZRN are hosted locally off our server. If you are interested in a position over at 'ZRN, or might be interested in joining, please visit the 'ZRN Want Ads for more information.

    Requirements vary on position. See above link for requirements.

  • ??? Questions ???

    If you have any questions, be sure to check the Joining/Hosting section for additional information. If your questions are still unanswered, then please email No Carrier with your question. Make sure you label the subject of the email with "Job Application Question".