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Hosting Information:
The ‘Zone used to accept hosting requests from people with open arms. However, this openness became a heavy burden on my shoulders, which made site hosting more of a problem than it was worth. For almost a year, the hosting part of the ‘Zone was stopped. This stoppage was due to the fact that I became sick and tired of people asking for hosting only to disappear a week or two later because what they were doing was “too hard”. Some don’t even have the guts to tell me that they quit, which requires me to hunt them down and figure out what they are doing. Either way, I have to spend time to clean-up up after them, remove their accounts, remove the link to their site, etc.. I have better things to do with my time, and I still do.

Today, we will honor requests for free hosting, but only by those who have an established project. By established, I mean a project that is defined and has made serious progress to its objectives. It does NOT imply:

- a project that was hacked together over the past two or so weekends and has little or nothing to show for the work made.
- a project you cannot serious put time into. "I only do it for fun, but I’d rather do this and that instead of working on it."

If you are going to email me "I have not yet started the project but I am serious about it, and would gladly like it hosted," don’t bother emailing me. If you are serious about it, let your project mature and then get back to me. Your project will speak for itself when it has matured.

And, by project, we mean a software project, a hardware project, a research project, or even a hacking project. This do NOT imply the following:

- A fan site for a video game. Exceptions will be made if the site is about unlocking secrets and hidden features of the game through ROM hacking.
- A fan game site. See for information about hosting.
- A project that does not related to console emulation or video games.

If you feel that your site meets the above requirements, email me a description of your project, some background information about your project and what it has and has yet to achive, and a URL to your project (if available). To save time, email me a username and password (24 and 8 chars max, respectively) and a secondary username in case I like your project. Also, email what URL you would like your project to be under. (
My email address is

Joining Information:
Are you interested in joining the Emulation Zone team? Check out the Want Ads section of the site. They'll give you a listing of positions that need to be filled in ASAP. Our course, the list is not ingraved in stone. If there is a position that you feel we don't have that you would qualify for, let me know.
My email address is

What does the server have to offer?
  • Webspace on a server that is backed-up daily and directly connected to an internet backbone
  • A FTP account and a email address.
  • CGI, SSI, RealAudio, IP numbers (for Java Applet that need them), Pearl scrip and just about every other server extension and server support that you need. (Except MS Front Page extensions.)

    And Finally, the Ads:
    Are you saying to yourself "Gee, I'm interested, but those ads bother me in many ways." Well, let me put it this way, we are here to help the emulation scene, not profit from it. Running the server costs money and money does not grow trees. The ads are our way of fighting off the costs to run the server. True, we don't like them, but none of us have a rich uncle that left us $100 million dollars in their will.

    What about the proceeds from the ads? They are used to further improve the server for more traffic. Trust me, neither the Emulation World team or I are making any money off these ads. As I said, we are here to help the emulation scene, not profit from it. Emulation is in our blood, and we want to play a part in the emulation scene. How many hosts can honestly tell you that?