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  • Gameboy Accessories

    Besides the usual accessories, this unit had some creative originals:

    Gameboy Camera - A tiny camera that hooks-up via the cart slot. The resolution is not that great, but them again, the GameBoy's LCD screen isn't high resolution to begin with.
    Gameboy Color - Nintendo will finally release a color Gameboy unit after 10 years of having a LCD display. The new unit will look just like a regular Gameboy, expect it will have a color display. The display is based on sos technolog.
    Gameboy Color Cases - Differnt Colors to the old fashion Gameboy look
    GameBoy Genie - Game Genie. It enables you to perform cheats for any GameBoy game.
    Gameboy Printer - This device can be used in conjuction with GameBoy camera. The GameBoy printer allows you to print out snapshots made with GameBoy Camera or to print-out a screen shot from a difficult point in a game to brag to your friends.
    GameBoy Pocket - A more portable version of the Gameboy unit which could actually fit in your pocket! It also achieved a slightly longer battery life then the orginal and had better screen contrast. All this without reducing the screen size. (I think the screen was actually enlarged.)
    Super Game Boy - A game cartrage that hooks up to the SNES that allows you to play your Gameboy games on your TV with color! Some games had pre-built color scheems and backgrounds for use on the Super Game Boy unit only.
    Work Boy - Never heard of it? Not surprised. This was suppost to turn the gameboy into a (P)ersonal (D)ata (A)ssistant, (PDA), by throwing in a miniture keyboard. It never became popular. Probally because people considered it more of a "toy" then a "work tool".

    Last Updated: 27/05/98