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  • Gameboy Cases

    Yummy New Game Boy Colors

    Come May 3, Nintendo will introduce four new high-fashion housings for Game Boy Color. Make a scrumptious statement with Dandelion, Berry, Kiwi or Teal. Inside will be the same great hardware that has already made GBC an international hit. No matter which color you choose, your GBC will be able to play virtually every Game Boy game ever made.

    The coming months will see the release of the first GBC games with rumble capability built right into the Pak. By year's end, there will be 100 GBC games. Now that's delicious!

    Dandelion Berry
    Dandelion Berry

    Kiwi Teal
    Kiwi Teal

    Game Boy Color
    And you can continue to get your full-color kicks with luscious Grape or see-thru Atomic Purple

    Last Updated: 27/05/98