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  • PC Equivilents

    While it may be some time until the emulators run games proberly, 100% working versions for the PC exist. In mainly cases, your better off buying the PC version then screwing around with an emulator that bearly works. Heres a list games that are avalible on the PC.
    Please note: if the title of the game is underlined, then it can be downloaded.

  • Marble Madness -According to Kristofer Hadikin, (the person who told me about the existance of this game,) the PC version had CGA (yuk!) graphics, which made it look very much like the Gameboy version with some shading. But there was also 16 color Tandy mode with better sound quality compared to PC's speaker because the Tandy had an FM-ish chip in it.
  • Mega Man 1 and 3 - Skip them.

    Know of any others??? Email me!

    Last Updated: 26/05/99