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  • Tech. Resource Center

    Full Schematics:
    These schematics were discovered and plotted by Jeff Frohwein.
  • GameBoy Main Board
  • LCD Daughter Board
  • Power Supply and Cartridge
  • Super GameBoy
  • 4-Player Adapter
    The MBC schematics are made by Pascal Felber, who also wrote a document on GameBoy cartridges, MBCs, and their programming
    Make Games!:
    How to make games This is a page that give you the basic about making a gameboy game,
    if you making/made a game for the gameboy please email me
  • US Patents related to GameBoy
    #5,184,830: Compact Hand-held Video Game System
    This details a lot of information about memory maps, video hardware.
    Electronic Gaming Device with Pseudo-Stereophonic Sound Generating Capabilities
    This gives a lot of information about the sound system in the GameBoy.

    Last Updated: 11/06/99