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  • Gameboy Color

    Game Boy Color Game Boy Color is the latest addition to the world's most popular line of hand-held gaming systems. With 52 brilliant colors simultaneously displayed on Game Boy Color's small portable screen, your games will look better than ever no matter where you play.

    Link's Awakening DX
    COLOR B & W
    Game Boy Color is available in a solid purple or transparent purple shell, but your games draw from a color palette of more than 32,000 vibrant colors. Utilizing the breakthrough technology of reflective type LCD screens, your games will look sharper than ever in addition to being in full color. Game Boy Color doesn't have a contrast control, because the new screen is always visible as long as there is a light source.

    Tetris DX
    Tetris DX
    COLOR B & W
    One of the coolest features of Game Boy Color is that it is able to play any of the 450 original Game Boy titles, as well as any future Game Boy Color titles. When you put a pre-existing Game Boy game into Game Boy Color, you will be able to choose from one of twelve default color palettes on the Game Boy Color start-up screen. You'll be able to play your favorite black and white games in color!

    New games designed specifically for Game Boy Color will be even more colorful than colorized black and white games. Some games will be backwards compatible with Game Boy Pocket and the original Game Boy, and titles which fully maximize the benefits of the system will only work with Game Boy Color. All you have to do in the store is look at the Game Pak box to determine if a game is supported by both Game Boy Color and Game Boy.

    Wario Land 2*
    Wario Land 2
    COLOR B & W
    Full color portable gaming is an awesome advance, but Game Boy Color does more than improve the appearance of your games. Game Boy Color's Central Processing Unit (CPU) doubles the clock speed over the regular Game Boy, which allows programmers to crunch more data and produce more sophisticated games. For you, this means faster action, more advanced AI, and increased realism.

    Game Boy Color's Infrared Wireless Data Port allows for infrared communications, which is perfect for low data rate transfers like trading items and sharing custom characters. The Game Boy Color Game Link port has also been upgraded to transfer rates 64 times faster than in older Game Boys.

    Turok 2
    Turok 2
    COLOR B & W
    With a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of just $79.95, Game Boy Color will have a good relationship with your pocket in more ways than one. Over 60 million gamers world-wide have made the original Game Boy the most successful video game system of all time. If Game Boy could accomplish this feat in black and white, there is no limit to what Game Boy Color will be able to do.

    *Wario Land 2 screen shot taken from color-enhanced re-release.

    Last Updated: 27/05/98