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    A Gameboy emulator was the first emulator that I ran that proved to me that console unit emulation on a computer was most definatly possible. And what better unit then the Gameboy unit! It's hardware is not too difficult to comprehand and master, which is reflected in the Gameboy emulators, for their emulation of the unit is at near perfection. Personally, if the emulators for the gameboy unit did not run as well as the do, I would never of bothered with Gameboy emulators, because of the grey-LCD output. Never the less, if your a Gameboy fan, new or old, I recommend giving these gameboy emulators a shot. With their accurate emulation and seemless operation, they're definatly worth bothering with!

    BOYcott by Gollum Last Version: V0.45 Size: 266k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - Add MBC5 support (Color Gameboy roms are playable without colors !)
    - Add MBC3 support (without timer)
    - Improve MBC1/MBC2 ROM/RAM bank switching (faster and clearer)

    Dboy by BouKiChi Last Version: V0.50A Size: 103k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - Updated Color Gameboy cartridge auto recognition

    GameBoy Fan Plus by ? Last Version: V1.13 Size: 63k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - ???

    HelloGB by ? Last Version: V1.1 beta beta 3/9 Size: 159k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - fixed header reading of rom more than 4MB
    - fixed key mapping bugs
    - added full screen mode
    - added priority option
    - added tama5 mapper (incomplete)
    - added HuC3 mapper (incomplete)
    - fixed sgb border col#0 bug
    - improved cgb function
    - improved memory routine
    - improved interrupt routine
    - fixed sgb spr palette
    - changed *.gs? file format

    KGB by Matt Currie Last Version: V0.20 Size: 440k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - directory where roms are found can be changed
    - options are saved
    - SNES Pro! support
    - Super Gameboy support
    - Classic Gameboy always has blurry mode on (if you don't like it.. well.. :p)
    - Super Gameboy always has scanlines (if you don't like it.. well.. :p)
    - added 256x256x256 colour screen resolution
    - added 640x480x32768 colour screen resolution (in preparation for GBColor)
    - removed all other screen resolutions (may add some back later)
    - new GUI with mouse support
    - fixed numerous bugs in emulation.. still more to come.
    - lots more bugs to fuck everything up..

    NO$GMB by Martin Korth Last Version: V2.1a Size: 101k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - The last update (V2.1) crashed Game & Watch Gallery 2,
    - and possibly some other CGB games as well.
    - This update is a last-minute bugfix :-) called version 2.1a.
    - Thanks to Jon Colverson for the info.
    - Version 2.1 had various bug fixes, stereo, a22i tuned, etc.

    VGB-DOS by Hans de Goede Last Version: V0.88 Size: 219k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - Again, the best port of one of Marat's emulator is for DOS, and VGB is no exception.
    - The port was originally maintained by Marcel de Kogel, who dropped it.
    - Now, a few minor additions were made by Hans de Goede.

    SMYGBE: by Ming-yu Shih Last Version: V0.20 Size: 44k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    - Reimplement the kernel portion
    - Add CGB features
    - Fix some sound problems
    - Fix some SGB problems
    - Fix some CPU bugs
    - Fix ROM support problems
    - Add joystick support
    - Can adjust program priority
    - Support 24 bits and 32 bits screen modes

    VGB-WINDOWS by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.5 Size: NO D/L [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Why anyone would want to use a Windows port over a DOS port, I don't know. However, if this emulator interests you and you want to pay $35, goto the official homepage.

    VGB-FreeBSD by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.5 Size: 373k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]


    VGB-Solaris by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.4 Size: 379k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]


    VGB-AIX by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.0 Size: 292k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]


    VGB-OSF/1 by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.5 Size: 63k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]


    VGB-SunOS by Marat Fayzullin Last Version: V1.5 Size: 63k [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]


    Last Updated: 01/06/99