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  • Gameboy Printer

    Game Boy Printer

    You should be in pictures! Share the fun with a Game Boy Printer! This portable device comes with a Universal Game Link Cable that works with both the Game Boy pocket and the regular Game Boy. Powered by six AA batteries, the Game Boy Printer comes with one roll of blue paper for producing 1.0-by-0.875-inch stickers.

    Some of Game Boy Camera's clip art Stick ‘em on your door. Stick ‘em on your wheels, on your shirt, on your album collection. Stick ‘em on your face. Heck, stick ‘em on your best pal's face! And be sure to spiff up your stickers with Game Boy Camera's clip art.

    Have a blast with friends and your Game Boy Camera!Game Boy Printer is available now at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $59.95. Printer Paper refills are available for a MSRP of $9.95.

    Last Updated: 27/05/98