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  • Wario: A bad guy or A misunderstood child?

    Wario, Gameboy Mario arch nemesis. IS HE? ok the first impression
    he gave was not a good one (Super Mario Land 2) When he stole Mario's
    castle. But!!! Thats what Mario wants us to think, Mario has a big ass
    castle Wario has no place to live he came to Mario looking for shelter
    but Mario kicked him like a dog so Wario took his castle.

    After Wario's defeat by Mario he decides to get a new castle.
    He finds a genie and asks him for help so the genie said get enough
    money so i can build you a castle. (Super Mario Land 3 aka Wario Land)
    but look all the island is filled with pirates i have reasons to believe
    that Mario is the one who leads them, Also that he is Running a nationwide
    smuggling/prostitution/drugs! also a big law firm.

    Yes it seems correct hes taken over the Star-Road, the Mushroom kingdom,
    etc. But how does Bowesr gets into this??? Well... Hes a smuggler too!
    but why kidnapping Peace? Heres why: Shes Mario's main h0e and he wants
    her to his buisness! Heres some proff and something to match.

    Anyway back to our case Mario tries to keep Wario of getting a castle
    so he sended the pirates to do the job.

    Now in the new Wario Land Mario strikes again! as he sends pirates to
    rob poor Wario, not only that he tells em to flood the place and
    to wake Wario up. so in the end we found that Mario's a fuck.
    And sources told me that Mario Used to harrase Wario as a chiled
    these things cause a child to grow with problems. please forgive Wario. i did.
    Article by EvilRyu and is completley as joke.
    you can view the old finally section here

    Does anyone have any images pertaining to this insident that they wish to share? If so, please email me at evilryu@emulationzone.org.

    Last Updated: 7/1/99