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    'Zone Screen Saver

    In the old days, organizations like ours would make wacky little executable programs that displayed their organizations logo and staff in a screen show of graphics frenzy. Well, why not make a screen saver out of it instead? Well, that's what P§ycotron has done!

    Download 'Zone Screen Saver
    Last updated: june/4/1999

    While your at it check out the official release of psycotrons Sonic The HedgeHog Screen Saver!
     Download the Sonic Saver

    Here is psycotrons sonic the hedgehog icon pack various icons from the various sonic games. Its not much but its my attempt at somthing different!
     Download the sonic icons 30.0kb 

    This program is in a very BETA stage. In fact, this is not even an official release. This version was created by P§ycotron to let me know what he's up to. If you have any comments/suggestion, etc., feel free to let NO CARRIER or P§ycotron know!