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    This pages struggle on the road to get to the top was surly not a smooth ride. The purpose of this page is to show people that fame, at times, is not what it's cracked up to be. Here, an attempt to clear up the three major disputes that this site has endured is made.

    When I started the page, I hardly got any traffic on the site. I knew that if I wanted to boast traffic to it, I would need something big, something original, something not available on any site. So, I used the discovery I made on how to combine Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic 3 as a means to accomplish my goal. Unfortunately, my "claim to fame" was challenged. This article hopefully resolves any disputes on who discovered and released this information to the public first.

    What's worse then watching the competition out do your organization? Watching them copy your ideas to out do you. It happens in real life. Big business spies on their competitors to steal ideas and then market them for their own profit. Even though we were a small page at the time, I was determined not to let a big time copycat get away with robbing our site our of most prized possession: our identity.

    HolyWar 2.0
    After over a year of peace and prosperity from any disputes, our page was able to grow to the point where we managed to assemble a large staff and even get our own domain name. But like a bad law of physics, all things good go questioned, and thus, the page was thrown in yet another dispute.

    HolyWar III
    Another year and a half went by without any conflicts, but on a weekend in February 2000, that was all going to change. A major attack was initiated, not just on the 'Zone, but on several Emulation sites. Tristan Bresnen of TSSZ's Sonic Scene takes a complete look of that weekend of chaos on the 'Zone, showing you how and why it happened, and at the same time looking at both sides of the story...including that of its initiator.

    Emulation Zone
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