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    The Quirky Classic: RoboTrek
    Made in: 1993 By Altus?

    Your Main Guy...In a town......hmm.....

    A very unplayed game because of its quirkness, Robotrek can capture your heart with its innovative battle system(think Pokemon w/Robots :)). Although consided "RPG-Lite," its MUCH BETTER than Mystic Quest(a game, where it is legal to burn ALL copies :)). You basically play an inventor and try to save your town. Here are some reasons to play it:
  • Battle system where YOU ARENT FIGHTING :)
  • You can make new items out of Trash
  • Good, but not the greatest, Graphics
  • Dont forget, its fun :)
    A nice game, and a great game for newbies to RPG's and Vets alike.
    The E-mailed in Classic: Earthbound
    Made in: 1995 By Nintendo

    The Title Screen....from the 50's :)

    A great game, with an over-emphasis on humor...(even the bee cracks jokes :)). This game starts you off as a boy whos been awoken by a meteor. Little does the town of Oneson(oneson, Twosome, Threewood, Fourside......Original names :)) know that the Meteor is actually Gygas returning.........and so the story starts. You make 3 friends on this journey, and you even travel through time :). Here are some reasons to play it:
  • Lots of humor, and fun to play
  • Sometimes hard, but never TOO hard....
  • You can raise chickens!
  • You can age bread!
  • Aw heck, you eat rice bowls :)
  • And the battle system is d i f f e r e n t.......(Think of it as Dragon Warrior 2-4)
    Pick it up if you havent already, its worth playing. :)
    The Japanese Carts:
    Secret of Mana 2/3(1995 Square)
    FF5 (1993, Square)
    Tales of Phantasia (Namco, 1995)

    These were going to be released here, but for some reason were bailed out of. I'll explain the game and WHY they did not make it here.

    Secret of Mana 2/3(SD3)

    And the witch takes down the Mushroom!

    The RPG that SHOULD have been here, Secret of Mana 2/3(3 If you account for the first one made for the Gameboy) just did not make it here. Squares excellence in Super NES Programming shows, with graphical touches EVERYWHERE. 6 BEGINNINGS! Each beginning had a different plat, but was centralized in the end. Finally, we CAN play it and understand it! If you can find this rarity with no patch installed, head on over to the Translations Page to download the FULL patch.

    Why not released?

    Basically, Square USA wanted to make their own game instead of porting japanese games over here. In the end came Secret of Evermore. Ouch. The game is AVERAGE. Not good for Square......they should no better than to put "movie" culture to Americanized games!

    Final Fantasy 5

    The Marvolous Crystals. In just 10 sec later, it shatters :)

    A really good RPG, which did not have a great story. What made this game its best was the "job" system perfected here, and then put in Final Fantasy Tactics. You could be anything, you could pick whatever you wanted. Knight Black Mage? Monk Blue Mage? The possibilities are endless.

    Why not released?

    Basically, Square took too long translating it. Instead of going any futher, they decided to start translating Final Fantasy 6(3). Maybe good, maybe bad. But we will get it in the Discs of Final Fantasy Anthology, along with 3 and a music disc.....Hmm.....and the Translation is STILL not as good as RPGe's :) (Dont even mention FF4 translation....)

    Tales of Phantasia

    EXTREMELY good game in the trend of save blah, blah, blah. Great sound, Graphics, even Sound bytes made it in.

    Why Not Released?
    One word: Money. The money Namco was making from Ridge Racer and the time for translation, they just did NOT want to make it. Oh well, its being translated emulated style :)
    The Ending

    Have a game which didn't have the respect? Did I miss a great RPG to anyone? Anyone disagree? E-mail me at for your words. I am also putting a link to the Magitek Research Facility, they Review a few games mentioned and have tips for a few, too. Its at Also, Tracy Derynck e-mailed me a good point: Why no SNES Dragon Warrior after Dragon Warrior 4? Until next time, may your travels be good, and Stay out of Lavos' Way!

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