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    Super Nintendo Utilites . .
    The Utilities in no particular order

    IPS Patcher - This Program patches roms with a tranlation or enhancement.
    Download IPS Dos

    Snessor v2.1 - Its a program for ripping out sounds so you can use them in *.wav format. VERY COOL.
    Download Snessor21 Windows

    Kill Em - a program for destroying the headers so you can use Japanese carts in an American Machine.
    Download Killem DOS

    SNES Explorer - This program can let you change the Opening text and File version of a ROM.
    Download SNES Explorer DOS

    Tracer quoted as the "fastest disambler in the west". It basically is a Dissasmbler for SNES so you can make roms.
    Download Tracer DOS

    X Dissasmbler - Another Disassembler for SNES and NES
    Download X DOS

    Zipall - Zips all your SNES roms together
    Download Zipall DOS

    Tiler - A Tiler Program to edit the tiles in the SNES ROMS.
    Download Tiler DOS

    Sprite Editor - a Sprite editor which helps making sprites w/the ASM and etc.
    Download Sprite Editor 1.0 DOS