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    Emulators like SNES9x and ZSNES have come a long way since the last time this was updated. Emulation is faster, more complete, and just plain better. Here are THE emulators you should use.
    The Emulators:
    ZSNES - The Main emulator of choice. Much has improved since the version .400. Its now up to .99871, and It just plain FEELS like a Super NES. zKnight and Demo have outdone themselves in this package. C version has support for SuperFX chips and DSP1 support for Mario Kart. It is also the most compatible SNES emulator. The A version lacks DSP and SuperFx support, and is faster. I HIGHLY recommend it!
    Download ZSNES .99871
    Download ZSNES .987

    SNES9x - The first REALLY functional emulator. Unfortunately, this was painfully slow at the start (and without 3dfx, it still is). Download this emulator if you have a 3dfx card. It has special stuff for 3dfx. It is a very fast core, considering it was written in C. But the worst problem is the transparency's in 16-bit color for this one. ITS SLOW! On a p200, the frame rates are only in the 25's! (but if you get the 3dfx version and you have a 3dfx card....IT HELPS)
    Download SNES9x 1.26 DOS
  • Note: This one has better graphics than 3dfx! But is VERY slow compared to it......
    Download SNES9x .24 Windows
    Download SNES9x 3dfx Version (1.24)
  • Note: also works without 3dfx, albit a little slower.

    NLKE - A great newcomer, this the combination of NLKSNES and ESNES. Shows promise as a emulator with speed and a nice GUI. Right now the development schedule is on track, and the ADD/SUB transparency's look ok. The main reason to get THIS emulator is the sound. ITS GREAT!
    Download NLKE.03b

    SNeSe - Another emulator that shows promise. A little slow, but its got good transparency. A good mix of add/sub transparencys and ok sound, its worth a download to try it out.
    Download SNeSe .36b

    SNEmul - another good emulator that shows promise. About the speed of SNES9x, with transparency's off. A good emulator to follow. This is always updated frequently. Look here, at Emulationzone for more updates!
    Download SNEmul .9

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