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    Hosted Programing Projects

    The web is host to many great emulation-theme programming projects. In here, you will find a few of these great programming projects.If you are an author and you need a place to store your site, email us.


    DarcNES DOS Port- Sephiroth's DOS port of the DarcNES: a LINUX-based NES,SMS/GG and Turbo16 emulator. Do you find the selection of emulator sites on Yahoo and the like incomplete and outdated? Do you wish someone would make a search engine geared just for the Emulation Community? Your prayers have been answered!

    EmuTools- A collection of useful emulation based utilities that is a spin-off from a another programing project. (Discontinued.)

    Fume Cupboard Facility- The site that is home to the Debug-O-Matic for Sonic the Hedgehog ROM images, Sonic 1 Hacking Guide, Genesis ROM copyier (dumper) plans, Sonic Underground and more! (Formally Cyan's Sonic Projects)

    FXProductions- SEGA hardware hacking and more!

    GenEdit- A nifty Genesis SaveGame Editor.

    gym2mid- One of the most popular Genesis utilities on the web. This program will convert extracted music files from Genecyst and convert it in MIDIformat! The site is also home to "Phantasy Star Original Dialogue Version Japanese to English Retranslation", and vgm2mid, a program similar to gym2mid, except it is for the Sega Master System.

    Hexecute - Mike Walston's hex editor designed for those that translate text within the ROMs. (Discontinued.)

    NES Metroid Hacks- Hacks for the NES classic, Metriod. (Is this site up?)

    Sega Programming Network, The - A site geared for those interested in creating original SEGA Genesis games using assembly and C languages.

    Pixel Warehouse - A warehouse of sprites ripped from video games. This archive spans all platforms and genres.

    Secrets of Sonic Team - The most detailed and best organized archive of "Sonic Secrets" information that you will find on the Internet. This website is an awesome archive of all things Sonic that were nver meant to be.

    Sonic Blur's Projects - For all you MAC users, here is a collect of MAC ONLY programs by Sonic Blur.

    Sonic CD BETA Page - A page dedicated to the Sonic CD beta ROM that appeared on the internet in 2000.

    Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On Technology Hacking Guide, The Original - Andy's guide for those that want to know more about the mysterious "Lock-On Technology" that SEGA touted in the classic SEGA Genesis game "Sonic & Knuckles". (No longer maintained.)

    Team X - A website that is home to the group projects NO CARRIER was involved with for school.

    Wolf Chat Speak - An add-on for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". Converts incoming chat text messages into speech, and plays them back for you. Very useful.

    XSPC- SPC700 emulator for Windows 95/98 that recognizes and plays SPC or ZST files dumped by ZSNES. It's loaded with many great featuressuch as RAR archive support, playlist editor and much more.

    Video Game Art Archive. (VGAA)- Rlan is at it again, this time collecting artwork from various video games, from the classics to the present.

    ’Zone Radio Network- A An independly owned and operated Catching in on the Internet radio crazy, the ‘Zone launches a collaborative effort to team those with a radio station of a video gaming theme to join together and help create a larger fan base. You can also catch our very own radio station (WEMU), where the software and hardware of the station is entirely controlled by us! (Not some free-bee site like ?? I think this description needs work. 'ZRN was a video game themed internet radio network. After nine years of service, it is no longer up. Our goal was to help promote the video game music genre, which I feel we did a good job.