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    While it may be some time until an emulator runs every game properly, fully functional PC versions for many titles exist. In many cases, your better off buying the PC version then screwing around with an emulator that barely plays your favorite game. Here's a list of games that are avalible on the PC. Please note: if the title of the game is underlined, then it can be downloaded.

  • Black Throne(thanks Crimson) - A not to shabby game. The coolest thing of all is how you can shoot the prisoners. The PC version is pretty good. Not sure about the SNES version though.
  • Earth Worm Jim 1 and 2 - The DOS version is availible as a set containing Parts 1 and 2. The game has kick-ass sound quality, but not so impressive resolution. If you want great graphical resolution, get the Win95 version. It has great graphics! Only downfall, it does not include part two. DOH!
  • Mortal Kombat I - Not to shabby. The re-released PC version has CD sound. The SNES version has "sweat" instead of blood flying around. There is a blood code to enable "blood mode", but I don't know it.
  • Mortal Kombat II - The PC version is pretty cool. I never played the SNES version, though.
  • Mortal Kombat 3 - Havn't played the SNES version, but all I can say is get the Win95 version over the DOS version.
  • Mega Man X - While the game plays great on an SNES, a excellent PC version with all the original levels and features of the SNES counterpart exists. This game was converted to PC format by Capcom, creators of the SNES version. And at $13, why bother with an emulated version?
  • Mega Man X3 - Just like with MegaMan X, a excellent PC version of the game exists, with all the same levels and features. Getting an emulatored version of this game on the PC is not possible. MegaMan X3 has a chip within the cart called the "Capcom" chip, which is suppost to allow the game to handle larger sprites and more of them at once. This chip has not been used in many carts, so don't expect it to become emulated anytime soon. For $13, just get the PC version and play the game before you lose interest.
  • Mario PC - A fresh original recreation of the Super Mario games, but its not a recreation of any game from the Super Mario Bro. line of games: it has it own original levels, but still fun!
  • Simcity - The PC version has terrible graphics, compared to the SNES version, but the PC version is so much FASTER! The SNES should have an option that lets you play with little special graphical effects like seasons, and focus more on the development of the city. I don't know how many times I left the game running overnight just so the city would grow. And restoring a saved game on the SNES was murder! The entire city would have a power outage for like a minute, making alot of people in your city leave, THEN the power would be fixed and everyone would be happy. This would happen regardless or not that your have enough power plants or not.
  • Simcity 2000 - The DOS version of this game rocks, because it has SVGA graphics and wave-table music. The SNES version is graphically a big disapointment: The difference in resolution between the TV and SVGA is huge! If you have a reasonablly fast PC, just forget about getting the SNES version of this game and grab the PC version of this great game! But which PC version? Well, there is a DOS, a Win3.1 and a Win95 version. I played them all and the DOS version is the best. Why? The windows version of the game are actually graffically trimed down versions of the DOS version.
  • Super Star Wars - Just like the console game.
  • Super Streetfight 2 - I know, I know, the Street Fighter 2 by Hi-Tech Expressions really sucked! It had choppy movement, laughable sound effect quality, and only supported ONE - 2 button joystick. The game looks good if you pause it, but who plays game at 1 frame per sec? But, like with Mega Man X, Capcon converted Super Street Fighter to run on the PC. While the charactors' sizes may not be as big, it does, at least, have nothing major missing from the arcade original.

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