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    Classic RPG MIDI's
    Classic RPG's Page 1
    Classic RPG's Page 2
    Classic RPG's Page 3
    Classic RPG's Page 4
    These games are the BEST on ANY Console. The SNES had problems with slowdown, but with RPG's you just did not notice. These are THE ones you should try to find and try out. You will like them, trust me :)
    Chrono Trigger

    These are the Chrono Trigger MIDI's, a lot in one Zip file :)
    All Chrono Trigger MIDIS, zipped

    Final Fantasy 3

    These are the Final Fantasy 3 Midis, again, a lot in one zip :)
    All Final Fantasy 3 Midis, zipped

    Secret of Mana

    These....Secret of Mana Midis....same story..:)
    Secret of Mana Midis, zipped

    More to Come soon....just wait(it took me a while to find these :))

    If you have any midis, any thoughts on what midis I should put here, and any suggestions, e-mail me at