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    C. Green=33 Movies
    toogam=31 Movies
    Carlos Bordeu=25 Movies
    WhooHooD'oh=24 Movies
    Alderman=16 Movies
    Kilik XC=14 Movies
    Fiendish=13 Movies
    Obiwan37=11 Movies
    Matic=10 Movies
    Neil Cutshaw=10 Movies
    Z Zheng=7 Movies
    nagol=7 Movies
    N64Pro3457=6 Movies
    Antwon=5 Movies
    LagoGod=5 Movies
    QMCG16=4 Movies
    David Timko=4 Movies
    Brian Villa=3 Movies
    Alex10for1=3 Movies
    Ray=3 Movies
    Spofforth=3 Movies
    Mimic=3 Movies
    Stige=3 Movies
    NEVERMIND8=3 Movies
    mengerle=3 Movies
    Clam=2 Movies
    MrMagoony=2 Movies
    Rayden239=2 Movies
    mattg=2 Movies
    Jordan Wolff= 2 Movies
    Don Niederfrank=2 Movies
    Xahji=2 Movies
    Jimmy Houng=2 Movies
    Jamal Traub=2 Movies
    Dav=2 Movies
    Lee Rognstad=2 Movies
    Uncle Smack=1 Movies
    Gary Tyler=1 Movie
    slimshady=1 Movie
    Patarsenic=1 Movie
    Marc Roden=1 Movie
    Scott9091=1 Movie
    Andrew Bordeu=1 Movie
    Sluterbeck=1 movie
    hitman.= 1 Movie
    S.B.= 1 Movie
    Tomokato=1 Movie
    Raziel X1=1 Movie
    deputy-headless=1 Movie
    sYco=1 Movie
    Jeremy=1 Movie
    FTrunks=1 Movie
    Rich Green (FuSoYa)=1 Movie
    Jonathan Fields=1 Movie
    paul burslem=1 Movie
    Da Jukebox=1 Movie
    Cathy=1 Movie
    _U-God_=1 Movie
    Tribal Prophet= 1 Movie
    Akira= 1 Movie
    LACKER1=1 Movie
    Jason Siedzik=1 Movie
    ]V[aLLo!!=1 Movie
    Tony=1 Movie
    Castlevnia=1 Movie
    Elton=1 Movie
    Rivera=1 Movie
    Dustin (the D man) Collins=1 Movie
    Fork=1 Movie
    I NeXuS I=1 Movie
    Jay Stenmark=1 Movie
    Metal7u65=1 Movie
    Welcome to The NESticle Movie Archive...Where you can download many NESticle Movies for your viewing pleasure.

    This Page has a New Home!

    The NESticle Movie Archive was originally headed by NEVERMIND8 in May 21th, 1997. Under NEVERMIND8's permission, this page has been moved from the unpredicable GeoCities(c) server to the great server on Aug. 22 1998! Now that the page is under our wing, we will continue to bring to you all the great Movie records that come our way! Please note that the original page commemerating all the Logo's received can be found in the Logos section of this page.

    A Big THANK YOU to eveyone who has given me movies! So far I've got 295
    If you have Movies you want on this page (That are not already on this page)

    Send them to

    Emulators and Roms:

    These are the three versions of NESticle that SHOULD be compatible with the movies, if one dosn't work, try another. Most work with V.44 or x.XX the one I use.
  • Get any version of NESticle here
  • Get over 1000 NES roms here at Tobbe's

    How to use them:

    After downloading it to wherever you have NESticle, re-name the movie to whatever the corresponding name of the cart is...(OR, if you want you could just type in the name of movie in the space provided when trying to load it)...then open NESticle,load whatever cart you are going to watch the movie for. Then open "CPU" and scroll down to NES MOVIES and hit play. When Downloading, remember to put the movies in the directory where you have nesticle... Also, you may need to UnZip these files before you use them, get a good UnZip program at: WinZip

    How to Make them:

    Open NESticle, load a cart, open "CPU" scroll down to "NES MOVIES" select "Record" and then play the game for whatever you want to record. When you are done, go back to "NES MOVIES" and hit "stop".


    If you want to link to my movies, please just put a link or something to this page...


  • AbodoxAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Adventures in the Magic KingdomAlderman Found the keys and gives us a "save state" style ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Adventure Island 2 C. Green wins AI2
  • Adventure Island 3 Tony's movie of AI3
  • ArkanoidRBrav wins Arkanoid
  • AstyanaxAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • BatmanLee Rognstad beat Batman
  • Battletoads and Double Dragon Alderman shows us the ending to BT&DD. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Bionic Commando Marc Roden confronts Master D, well Hitler, and then defeating his Albatros, killing Hitler himself, and then escaping in time.. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Blaster Master C. Green beats the last boss
  • Blaster MasterI NeXuS I beat the game and made this movie
  • BubbleBobble C.Green Kills the last boss
  • BubbleBobble 2 C. Green Wins Bubble Bobble 2
  • Casino Kid Neil Cutshaw Finished Casino Kid
  • Castlevania 1"Castlevnia" beats the first level
  • "Castlevania 2Akira wins Cast 2 with the third ending
  • Castlevania 3C.Green beats Dracula WITHOUT being hit!
  • Chip and Dale ObiWan37's ending to Chip n' Dale..the ending isn't supposed to be very good...
  • ContraTomokato plays Contra up to level 3 without being hit. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • ContraCarlos Bordeu gives us 4 movies of levels 1, 3, 5 and 6 of him playing though the levels in the game without ever using the gun! Not to mention not EVER being hit! Impressive! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Contra JapClam plays the Japanese version of Contra all the way through without being hit! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Darkwing DuckClam plays through the ENTIRE game on one life! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Deadly TowersMatic finishes off Deadly Towers
  • Double Dragon Fiendish's file shows, step by step, how to get the maximum amount of hearts on Mission 2. You have to kill an invisible man! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Double Dragon Fiendish plays through level one showing us all the glitches, inluding a wall walk and a barrel throw!not to mention the easy way to beat Abobo (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Double Dragon Fiendish shows how to beat Chintai without even hitting him! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Double Dragon Fiendish give sus the ending to Double Dragon. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Double Dragon 2Alderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Double Dragon 3 C. Green wins Double Dragon 3
  • Dragon FighterMatic finishes off Dragon Fighter
  • Dr. Mario Obiwan37's gets all three of the endings to Dr. Mario
  • All the Dragon WarriorsZ Zheng gives us the endings to ALL 4 Dragon Warrior games. He's maxed out his hit points in all of them, impressive! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Dragon Warrior 2 Jonathan Fields Wins DW2
  • Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 Xahji Beats (?) Dw3 and 4
  • Duck Tales Obiwan37 Beats Ducktales
  • Ducktales 2 ObiWan37 Gives us both of the endings to Ducktales 2
  • Excite Bike Fiendish on selection A's 2nd track beating the "Best Time" by 16 seconds. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Faxanadu RBrav wins Faxanadu
  • Felix the catDav wins the game
  • Final Fantasy 1+2+3Z Zheng gives us three movies for each of the final fantasy games. All three are beaten but check the txt file included for a more detailded description! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Final Fantasy 1The final battle with Chaos from Dustin (The D Man) Collins
  • Final Fantasy 3 Mimic Fights the Phoneix
  • Final Fantasy 3 Mimic fights Leviathan
  • Final Fantasy 3 Mimic Fights Odin
  • Final Fantasy 3 Elton beats the "cloud of darkness" (the last boss)
  • Friday the 13th Fiendish shows us the ending to Friday the 13th! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Galaxy 5000 Cathy gives a movie of Galaxy 5000
  • Gargoyles Quest 2 Neil Cutshaw's ending to GQ2
  • Gradius 2Matic wins Gradius 2
  • Goonies 2Alderman Finds the mermaid and wins the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Gremlins 2Alderman kills the spider and wins the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Guerilla WarAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Ikari Warriors 3Dav and Pan beat the last boss
  • JackalAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Jackie ChanMatic beats Jackie Chan's kung fu!
  • JawsLee Rognstad gives a jaws Movie
  • JoustJamal Traub plays Joust
  • Jurrasic Park LACKER1 wins Jurrasic Park
  • Kid IcarusC. Green wins level 3-4
  • Kid IcarusAlderman's wins Kid Icarus. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kid Icarus C. Green kills the first two bosses ( two Movies )
  • Kirby's AdventureN64Pro3457 has Kirby Beating the Boss Tower (Level 7-2)! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • Kirby's Adventurenagol attacks boss one and does quite well.. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventurenagol beating kirby's adventure's egg catcher on the hardest mode, perfectly. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventurenagol beating kirby's adventure's quick draw game on hardest difficulty perfectly. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventurenagol beating kirby's adventure the whole way through with all secrets, everything 100% done. Its around 3 hours long, yet worth the wait!This is two movies files. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventure hitman won Kriby's Adventure 100%, giving us a sound test and bonus games. Almost like a save state, it lets you play the bonus stuff. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventure]V[aLLo!! beats the last 2 bosses on one life
  • Kirby's AdventureStige Wins Kirby's Adventure!
  • Kirby's Adventure Fiendish getting a 1up at the Egg Toss. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kirby's Adventure Fiendish snagging 2 big Kirbys at the Crane Game! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Kung-fuC. Green wins the first level
  • Kung-fuC. Green wins the Second level
  • Kung-fuC. Green wins the third level
  • Kung-fuC. Green wins the fourth level
  • Kung-fu C. Green wins Kung-fu
  • Legendary Wings Neil Cutshaw's ending to Legendary Wings
  • Little Nemo C. Green finished Little Nemo
  • Lolo2MattG beats a secret level in Lolo 2!
  • Lolo2 C. Green finished Lolo2
  • Lolo 3C. Green kills the last boss
  • Maniac Mansion Fiendish shows us an interesting end to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Mario is MissingN64Pro3457 gives us a movie of Luigi defeating King Bowser and Rescuing Mario from the Koopa Kage!. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • Mario's Time MachineN64Pro3457 beats Bowser and wins the game! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
    The Megaman Section

  • Metal Gear C. Green Wins Metal Gear
  • Metal StormMatic wins Metal Storm
  • MetroidRaziel X1 makes Ridley a joke, geting him one hit away from death!
  • Metroid Watch Jay Stenmark get out of MotherBrainLand well within the time limit
  • Metroid mattg Explores a hidden area of Metroid
  • Metroid C. Green kills Mother Brain and escapes
  • MetroidScott9091's Movie where he beat ridley using the wave beam and a few missiles.
  • Metroid David Timko kills Kraid only using Bombs!
  • Metroid David Timko kills Ridley with just bombs!
  • Monster in my Pocket_U-God_ wins MIMP
  • Nes Openslimshady gives us several great shots like holes in one! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Ninja CrusadersCarlos Bordeu plays levels 1-9 without hitting or killing any enemies! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Ninja GaidenCarlos Bordeu winning the game all the way through only getting hit once in 18 minutes! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Ninja GaidenCarlos Bordeu getting to level 4-1 without being hit! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 Jimmy Houng Won Ninja Gaiden 2
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 sYco got the long ending to Ninja Gaiden 2
  • Paperboynagol getting to Saturday and wrecking the neighborhood in Paperboy.. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Prowrestling If you want to see somebody get nailed bad, just watch Fiendish as star man, get the crap beaten out of him =). (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • PunchoutSluterbeck Destroys Macho man in round one! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • PunchoutJordan Wolff gives us two movies of him beating Soda Popinski in 1 round, and beating Don Flamenco in 40 seconds!.
  • PunchoutAntwon gives us 5 movies of him beating various opponents
  • Punchout3rd round of the Mike Tyson Match, and the after match show by Tribal Prophet
  • Punchout David Timko wins Punchout!
  • Punchout David Timko wins the second circuit
  • Punchout C. Green give us movies of him beating ALL 8 first opponents
  • PunchoutObiwan37 Shows the The Cinema scene after you beat the first circut.
  • River City RansomAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • River City Ransom"Fork" getting the livings thrashed out of him in River City Ransom
  • RobowarriorMatic wins Robowarrior
  • Rollerblades C. Green shows us the last boss in RollerBlades
  • RygarMatic wins Rygar
  • RygarSpofforth exploits several crazy glitches in that game... see for yourself..(2 Movies).
  • Section Z C. Green wins Section Z ( supposed to be hard! )
  • ShadowgateRBrav wins Shadowgate
  • Skate or Die Brian Villa gives us 3 movies. One he scores 17282 on the half pipe, another he scores over 20,000 and in the third he shows us him doing the challenging inverted "arms out" spin in the air! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Skate or DieDon Niederfrank Give us another great half pipe movie
  • Skate or DieDon Niederfrank gets a score of 13000 on the half pipe with a nice 180 at the end!
  • Skate or Diepaul burslem sends us a "much better" Skate or Die movie
  • Skate or Die Rayden239 Kicks some ass in Pool Joust
  • Snake Rattle and Roll C. Green takes us to the last boss
  • StingerMatic wins Stinger
  • Street Fighter 2010Matic wins Streetfighter 2010
  • StriderMatic wins Strider
  • Super ContraCarlos Bordeu and Andrew Bordeu give us 6 movies of them playing though different levels in the game without ever using the gun! Impressive! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Super ContraCarlos Bordeu gives us 4 more movies of him playing though levels 2,3,5 and 6 in the game without ever using the gun! Impressive! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Super ContraCarlos Bordeu gives us another movie, this one of Level one, check out the ending, its great! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Super Dodge BallS.B. beating the Russians without getting hit, then beating the Shadow team getting hit only once! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Super Dodge BallUncle Smack beating the Russians AND the Shadow team without being hit! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Super Mario Brosdeputy-headless Finished the game all the way through without getting hit OR getting a powerup!
  • Super MarioMrMagoony Shows us how to get fireballs while small! Also how to die, yet still complete a level!(use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • Super MarioWhooHooD'oh shows you how to warp in 4-1, even if you are big.
  • Super MarioWhooHooD'oh is invincible, but if you let time run out when you have a star, you still flash when you die
  • Super MarioSpofforth makes it into Minus world on the first level!
  • Super Mario Jamal Traub Made a movie of the Maio Hack game ( Mario has an Afro ) this is pretty cool
  • SuperMario mengerle beats Koopa in 7 min
  • SuperMario Bro's Obiwan37 shows us how to beat Worlds 4.4 and 7.4
  • SuperMario2N64Pro3457 beats wart and gets the ending. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • SuperMario2Jeremy's 30 Min movie (in 12K zipped) of the whole game start to finish being beaten ~Jeremy Style~
  • Super Mario 2 Jason Siedzik wins Mario 2
  • Super Mario 2WhooHooD'oh only throws one rock at clawgrip to kill him. Great!.(use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • Super Mario 3WhooHooD'oh Dies, but since he is on a "note" mario takes off like a rocket.
  • SuperMario3The Ending to Super Mario 3
  • SuperMario3Alderman's movie of him beating Bowser and winning the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • SuperMario3Gary Tyler's movie of him finishing off Bowser to win the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • SuperMario 2000N64Pro3457 gives us a movie for the game Mario 2000 (a rare hack), he beats world 1-1. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • TecmobowlQMCG16 gives us 4 Tecmobowl movies: An opening kick-off for a 85 yard touchdown against Miami, An interception of a Dan Marino pass for a ten yard TD return, Dan Marino gets sacked in the endzone by Dan Hampton for a four yard loss and a saftey, and The Bears defeat the Dolphins 100-0. The quarters add up to 100 but the score only reads 99.
  • TecmobowlStige beats TecmoBowl 63-0 over Seattle
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Obiwan37 finished TMNT2 with game genie
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 C. Green Wins TMNT3
  • Tetris Fiendish Shows us the best ending to Tetris.(use NESticle V.43 or .xx, and the nintendo version of Tetris)
  • Tetris Alex10for1 plays tetris from level one through 17. Quite impressive! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx, and the nintendo version of Tetris)
  • Tetris Alex10for1 plays tetris from level one through 19.Beating his last movie by two levels. If thats not impressive enough, he plays level 9, height 5 on the "B" game and wins, giving us the hardest to get ending in tetris! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx, and the nintendo version of Tetris)
  • The Gaurdian LegendRbrav wins The Gaurdian Legend
  • ThunderbirdsAlderman gives us the ending to the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Tiny ToonsAlderman's movie of a glitch in the game. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Track and Field mengerle doing a good hammer throw
  • Track and Field 2nagol beats the computer in a fencing match. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Uninvited Neil Cutshaw finishes Uninvited!
  • Where's Waldo? Fiendish Gives us the ending to Where's Waldo. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Wizards and Warriors 2Patarsenic beats all four of the last bosses and shows us the ending. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx).
  • World Cup Soccer Stige Shows us how to score a goal using an overhead kick
  • Wrecking CrewN64Pro3457 beats the first phase of Wrecking Crew. (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Zelda toogam gives us 9 movies of him getting all the way to Gannon without getting the sword! Other movies include him beating Gannon with just the wooden sword, or walking around with no life points! (Follow instructions in the TXT file included as to what version of NESticle to use.)
  • Zelda Fiendish wins level one all the way though without being hit! (use NESticle V.43 or .xx)
  • Zelda Metal7u65 Wins Zelda 1
  • Zelda 2 Watch me beat shadow Link and win Zelda 2
  • Zelda 2 toogam gives us 22 movies of him getting the hammer from the caves of Death Mountain without getting the candle from level one first! (Follow instructions in the TXT file included as to what version of NESticle to use.)


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