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    NES Translations
    NES Translations News . .
    December 24, 1998
    Thanks for the people that have pointed out to me that Neo Demiforce has moved (again)! I have changed the links, so they should all work now. Happy Holidays!
    A Brief Introduction to Translations . .
    There are many times in this world (more than one might like to think) that video game companies go around behind our backs. There are large quantities of games that don't make it to the United States from Japan, because those corporate bureaucrats think they won't make enough money off of it. Sometimes, you don't get the game at all (probably the most famous case, Final Fantasy 5). Sometimes the game is highly altered (another famous case, Final Fantasy 4 when it came as FF2 here in the US, was actually a chopped up version later released as FF4 EasyType in Japan). And in some cases, names are changed around (as in Mother and Earthbound; Earthbound for SNES was supposed to be Earthbound 2; Mother was supposed to be the first. They had it translated to english and everything, there are prototype carts to prove it!). It is because of these reasons that some gamers are fighting back. Gamers fluent in Japanese partner up with gamers good at hacking ROMs, and voila, you have a translations group.

    Please e-mail me if you see a group that's not listed, a translation patch that is missing, a broken link, or if you need your own translation hosted here on the Emulation Zone!

    Here's some links to the groups that translate NES® games, and links to the patches on their servers. Soon, I'll have local links to all the patches and ROMs (how soon depends on how much homework they give me at school), but for now, here you go :)

    Note: Anytime you see (*) next to a version number, it means that (according to the translators, I don't have time to check all of the patches) the translation is a full translation patch.
    NES Translation Patches . .
    Disklexic Japancheese Final Fantasy 3j - No patch
    Emulation Empathy Radia - Beta 1
    Final Fantasy 3 Translation Project Final Fantasy 3 - Complete(*)
    J2E Nadia - 1.3(*)
    Radia - No patch
    The Venus Wars - 1.0(*)
    Villgust - 1.1(*)
    Manipulate Deburas - 0.30
    Maze of Galious - 0.31b
    Neo Demiforce Adventure Island 4 - 1.00(*)
    Final Fantasy 2 - 1.03(*)
    Goemon - 1.01(*)
    Konami Wai Wai World - Complete(*) FFE/VRC
    Mother (Earthbound Zero) - Prototype English ROM
    Twinbee 3 - 1.02(*)
    Riki Kunio Translation Project Riki Kunio - Complete(*)
    EFNet's #romhack Musashi - No version number
    The Spoony Bard Glorious Light of Heracles - 0.13
    Kero Kero Keroppi's Great Big Adventure 2 - 0.9
    Mitsume Ga Tooru - 1.01(*)
    Moon Crystal - No patch
    Ninja Boy 2 - 1.0(*)
    Sumo Wrestling - 1.0(*)
    Warrior of Algos - 0.9
    Three Man Translations Final Fantasy 3 - 5.41
    Venus Wars - No patch
    TransBRC Dragon Ball Z
    Dragon Ball 1
    Transmoglification Anonymous Dragon Quest 3 - No patch
    Dragon Quest 4 - No patch
    Tsubasa 1 Translation Project Tsubasa 1 - 1.0(*)
    Ys II Translation Project Ys II - Incomplete
    ZealSoft Translations Maison Ikkoku - No patch