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    NES Links

    The NES is the most popular game system ever. With this fact in mind, it is not hard to understand that there are about 1,000 games available for this system. With that kind of popularity, it's no doubt that there are several sites on the internet in one way or another associated with the NES. If you're looking for ROMs, go to the Emulation Zone's ROM Links Page. If you know of an NES related site (especially related to Emulation) that should be placed here, E-mail me.

    Game Sites:

    Ben's Punch-Out!! HomePage
    Contra HQ
    Guardian Legend Shrine
    Metal Gear Edge
    River City High School
    The CastleVania Dungeon
    The Dragon Warrior Guild
    The Kid Icarus Coliseum
    The Mega Man HomePage
    The Metroid Database
    The Mushroom Kingdom
    The Ninja Gaiden HomePage
    The Online Final Fantasy Player's Guide
    Zelda Headquarters

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    flipino's NESticle savegame site
    The NESticle Movie Archive
    NEScript - A C like programing language to create your own NES games.
    NES ROM Development Information