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    Accesories for the unit (much like the SNES) included some game console firsts:

    The NES Zapper
    This device gave shoot 'em up games more realism by using a "gun" to shoot opponents on the screen. A great device for its time.

    NES Robot
    A robot that was compilcated, useless, didn't really work, and had almost no game support. Needless to say, it flopped.

    Power Pad
    A mat that let a user run, jump and have limited interaction with game by stepping on the large numbered sensors.

    Power Glove
    Pretty much the first commercial Virtual Reality Device. The glove allowed you to control some 3-d games designed for the glove with your hand. You could also use the glove to play standard NES games, like Super Mario Brothers, or, fight the ear chomping champ himself with your fists in Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

    NES Max and NES Advantage
    Different controllers for the NES. A gamepad, and a joystick, respecively. The NES Max's strange "button" (which you slide around, acting the same as the directional pad on standard controllers), however, tends to wear out.

    Game Genie
    Far as I know, the first of it's kind. This device allows you to modify your games or edit some settings by punching in 5 or 8 letter codes. After this followed PARs, GameSharks and a whole ton of other videogame enhancers.