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    NES Emulators

    I have decided to just keep the best NES emulators up here. There are just too many emulators to keep track of, so I'm keeping just the most widely used and most often updated (except NESticle of course) NES emulators.
    Found an NES Emulator that needs to be put here? E-mail me.
    - TommyBoy

    BioNES by Shu Kondo. [Download]

    Version 0.2

    A rather new emulator, for Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, requiring DirectX 3.0 or newer. It is optimized for MMX technology, and has good graphics and sound support. It lacks a proper Auto-skip option when it comes to the framerate though, it runs a bit too f ast on my P200MMX, and when I increase the frameskip to 1, it runs all to slow! But well, I guess it is a good alternative for Windows users, with machines up to the job. (I've heard that it is really slow on non-MMX machines.)
    For Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 with DirectX 3.0 or newer.

    fwNES by FanWen Yang and Shu Kondo. [Download]

    Version 0.302b

    This emulator emulates the 6502 (Using Marat's M6502 core and Shu Kondo's S6502) quite well from what I hear. The PPU Registers are almost finished, not to mention the amount of sound this emulates. This emulator supports FDS, the NES Zapper, and the FC T rainer. Great emulator!
    For DOS.

    jNES by Steven Rellinger. [Download]

    Version 0.26

    Additions to this emulator this version:

    - Added Konami VRC4 Emulation (iNES #21)
    - Added Konami VRC2b Emulation (iNES #23)
    - Added Konami VRC4b Emulation (iNES #25)
    - Added Konami VRC6 Sound Emulation,
       Thanks to Kevin Horton for his docs
    - Improved PCM channel emulation
    - Minor MMC1/MMC3 mirroring change
    - Tweaked MMC3 IRQ
    - Fixed 4-window vram
    - Support for Controller #2
    - Put back correct palette reading
    - Fixed game genie length detection
    - Major 6502 core optimizations
    - MMX enhanced PPU emulation
    - DirectSound is now used again
    - Dialog for input devices with button config
    - Background Sleep is now an option
    - Sound output graph
    - Command line load option
    For Windows 9x with DirectX 5.0 or newer

    NESticle by Bloodlust Software. [Download]

    Version X.XX

    This has to be the best emulator out there right now. It has support for sound (excellent, though sometimes buggy), Sidewinder Game Pads, Game Genie codes, real-time save states, NES movies, NES snapshots, and much more. Unfortunately, this emulator has b een discontinued. I expect newer updated emus to far surpass NESticle soon.
    For DOS and Windows 95.

    RockNES by Fx3. [Download]

    Version 0.97

    This is the newest release of RockNES. Here's what's new:
    - Appended datafile (yeah, bye rocknes.dat)
    - Fixed a CPU and a minor scrolling bug
    - Minor fix in the sound core
    - Added Mapper #8 support (such as Doraemon)
    - Minor Mapper #17 fix (Parodius looks better)
    - Mapper #18 rewritten, IRQs fixed (at least Bases Loaded works fine)
    - Mapper #26 (game Madara) fixed (still buggy)
    - Fixed a free memory problem
    - Fixed a strange bug that causes random snapshot saving (???)
    - Better VS Platoon color support
    - Second major code rewrite done (cleaned & bug fixed)

    For Dos, Linux, and MacOs.