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    NES ROM Incompatibility

    Do you know of a ROM that doesn't work with the latest version of the emulators NESTICLE or FWNES? Is any of this information incorrect or incomplete? If so, e-mail me at Be sure to include the name of the emulator, exact problem, and a solution, (if you know of any).

    ROM Emulator Problem Solution/Works with...
    Super Mario Bros. 3 NESticle Scrolling problems on water levels and the dropping ceiling in the first dungeon. fwNES??
    Dragon Ball Z NESticle Scrolling problems with clouds and such. fwNES??
    Crystalis Most Blue flashes and text windows jumping around. Turning on Scroll Fix 2 eliminates 90% of the blue flashes, but not the text window prob. NESticle, turn on scroll fix #2 for partial fix.
    Startropics NESticle Graphics and Color glitches Unknown
    Bases Loaded 2 NESticle Unknown Unknown
    Ninja Gaiden 3 BOTH Vertical Scrolling Stages' backrounds don't display properly. Unknown
    Skate or Die NESticle Graphics are completely garbled. None (?)
    Skate or Die 2 NESticle Messed up start screen. When you push a button it goes black. ???
    3 in 1 Pack-in (Mario, Duck and Track) NESticle Track Meet doesn't work, but other two do. (No 3in1 mapper support?) FWNES
    Quattro-series games BOTH Either one, or none (always none in NESticle) of the 4in1 games work.
    Note: Dizzy the Adventurer on Quattro Adventure works in FWNES
    FWNES for partial support.
    24in1 NESticle Nothing works. FWNES
    100in1 NESticle Games crash emulator. FWNES
    Goonies NESticle Graphics scrambled. Unknown
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 NESticle Nothing works. Unknown
    Final Fantasy NESticle In Ice Cave, first stairwell, nothing works. BioNES