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03/26/00 - Added RoboTrek to Classic RPG's Page

Thank you for the e-mail, I have played this game and I consider it a wacky classic now :)
03/23/00 - HUGE revision to The Classic RPG's Section: Now with Screenshots :)

Working on classic rpg's, as it has the most hits :) Your requests are coming in, so if you have one, e-mail me at jjallen@smig.net
03/14/00 - Added ZSNES (newest Version)

Added/Replaced zsnes .988 with .99871....MUCH better sound :)
03/12/00 - Fixed Super FX page...

Had a Problem with the SuperFx page and Internet Explorer(Worked fine in Opera :))-fixed that.
03/09/00 - Added new screenshot....Heh, 2 in one week....a record :)

Took busy time out of my schedule (school...etc) and had time for moreediting on Desktop.....so I uploaded a new ss to show it :)
03/08/00 - Added SNES RPG Midis...finally :)

Added MY collection of Midi's from Square games....:) found at the Classic RPG section...oh yeah...try out the Solaris Station SHoutcast server...all RPG music, all the time :)
03/07/00 - Added new Screenshot

Added a new screenshot, and its looks the same as the old one :) However, I edited the images, and now it looks more "3-d" ;) ....my shell is now Litestep if you want to know, (at Http://www.litestep.net) and My theme I edited is the WebOs Theme from http://www.customize.org. I suggest you try this shell and others....it helps lag, havent had a crash in months, and It just FEELS better then Explorer(ordinary windows)....have fun :)
03/02/00 - Added Add-on to CD-ROM (The Super FX Chip)

Man....emulation is at an all time low...in news, that is :) Put together a Superfx chip add-on page in the CD-ROM section.
12/21/99 - Added Utilities

Added Tiler .05 Beta and Sprite Editor 1.0 (Just to make sure, there IS a music page coming.....just wait until I find what I need :)
12/15/99 - ZSNES .988

After my K6-2 300 (Finally) is here, Now i can get back to work. Long time comin, but I finally updated ZSnes .988. Also, new ideas comin, so stay tuned to the SNES and Genesis Pages.
11/28/99 - ZSNES .987

Now have Zsnes .987. Mostly changed is stuff that was disabled in .986-1.
11/22/99 - Updates w/Netscape Viewing

This webpage had a few problems viewing it with Netscape, so I fixed them.
11/21/99 - Updates Galore

Well, A new look for The SNES page, with the explainations on the left of the page, the links to the right, and the news in the middle. I have Been working on this and the Genesis page for some time now, and I finally got most of the bugs out. Updates on this date include:
  • Classic RPG's
  • Translations(Fixed URL's)
  • New layout to be implemented
  • Emulators(Zsnes .985 and new SNES9x, etc)