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  • E - M a i l

    Roushi ~
    PSX Maintainer

    This page will be a very special section of the Playstation Page. I hope to do "game guides" much like what
    Videogames.com does, but rather than focus on the most popular, I want to try and work with the more obscure games. As soon as my finances permit, I hope to be able to take screen grabs and do full graphical guides for great games that other sites might just give a passing refrence to.

    The first game on this list is Poy Poy II. While the first game made it to the states, the second didn't, which is really a shame because of how much of an improvement it was over the first. Basic concept of the guide will first cover glove name translation (complete with picture of kana so people that don't know the difference between "ha" and "ka" will be able to read just fine), while more in depth pieces will cover strategies.

    Currently I don't have a video capture card to do this, however, if you do and would like to help, please email me.