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    Roushi ~
    PSX Maintainer

    Playstation emulation has come a long ways since the days of the original PSEmu. Now we can play commercial games like Tekken 3 almost perfectly and with sound, when just a year ago, you would be lucky to get the title screen to show up.

    On January 5, 1999, Tratax of the PSEmu Pro team made
    an announcement that he has accepted a job for a game company here in the USA, and will be leaving the PSEmu team in February. While this is sad news for the emulation community, I would like to congratulate Tratax and wish him the best of luck at his new job. Then, not long after Tratax made his announcement, Duddie of the PSEmu Pro team made a public announcement that he is leaving the PSEmu Pro team as it would conflict with his job. Duddie, however, will not be leaving the emulation scene as he said that h e is addicted to it (who isn't :)). The final nail in the coffin for PSEmu Pro was when Kazzuya quit development in order to pursue a new career.

    That leaves bleem! as the only active PSX emulator left for PC. You can download the demo right here from Emulation Zone. Check out the crippled demo, and spend some money on the full version. :)

    In addition to PSX emulators for PC, you can also get emulators for PSX. All of the ones that I know of are written for the Net Yaroze, but I'm tyring to find a way to get them working on a standard chipped PSX.

    PSX Emulators for PC

    PSEmu Pro by Discontinued
    Latest Version:1.0.21
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    This is no longer the best and most advanced Playstation emulator available, but is definately worth a try. It is capable of running several games at near perfect speed, and image quality is actually better than the PSX on some games! It requires a copy of the PSX bios to work, and this can be found here. You must have original Playstation CD's to play games with this emulator though, as it checks for and locks out copies made by CD-R drives.

    For Windows 95, 98, and NT 4

    bleem! by bleem! Team
    Latest Version:1.5a
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    The best and most updated Playstation emulator ever. Supports high resolutions, 3d card support, and overall good game compatibility. Basically it is where SNES9X was back in late 1996 - early 1997 timeframe. An excellent piece of work thus far. There is a crippled demo aviable, and the full version is commercial. If you are interested in purchasing the full version of bleem! then you should visit it's homepage at

    For Windows 95 & 98

    Pskye by Discontinued
    Latest Version: 0.15a
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    One of the first working Playstation emulators avialable, has since been discontiuned and combined with PSemu...which has also been discontinued. Mentioned here for 'historic' purposes only.

    For Windows 95, 98, and NT 4


    fMSX by Henk-Jan Ober
    Latest Version: 0.5
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    A port of the excellent fMSX emulator to the Net Yaroze. I haven't gotten this to run on my PSX yet. Author's homepage and email address listed in file are both invalid, so I have no way of contacting the author of this port. Marat doesn't know either , so please don't bug him about this port. :)

    For Net Yaroze

    fPCE by Bero
    Latest Version: 0.01
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    No Information currently available other than a very early PC Engine emulator.

    For Net Yaroze

    Mastergear by Bero
    Latest Version: 0.2
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    No Information currently available other than a port of Marat's SMS Emulator..

    For Net Yaroze

    Playstation Gameboy Emulator by BlackBag
    Latest Version: Xmas '97
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    A gameboy emulator for Playstation. Currently untested. Requires Pro Action Replay / Gameshark.

    For Playstation

    Last updated: 991115