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    Roushi ~
    PSX Maintainer

    Accessories for the Playstation are quite varied and are among the most diverse of any gaming console. This list is by no means complete, and if you see an Accessory out there not on this list, please email me about it along with the name of the developer so I can add it ASAP :)

    Cheat Devices

    Gameshark - The standard in cheating your way through a game.

    Xploder - as the story goes, one of the members from the Gameshark development team left to make his own cheat device, better than the Gameshark. Basically it has it's own code system, in addition to supporting all Gameshark / Pro Action Replay codes. It can also hook up to your computer's printer port and transfer save games via the internet using it's own proprietary save format.


    ASCII Aftershock Wheel - A Great racing wheel w/ footpedals that features dual shock rumbling compliance.

    ASCII Sphere 360 - Controller with a "Ball" where the L1 and L2 buttons should be. Quite Awkward to use and takes a lot of practice to use effectivly. Very similar to a PC Controller, who's name escapes me.

    Beat Mania Controller
    - Turntable with 5 buttons used only for Beatmania. Made by Ascii and only released in Japan.

    Classic Trackball - If you have any games that support the PSX Mouse, but would rather prefer the feel of a trackball, this item is for you. Other than that, it's an accessory for a feature few games support. By Nyko.

    Dance Dance Revolution Pad - Similar to the NES Powerpad in function and design, this pad has 4 arrows on it. Used only for Dance Dance Revolution and only released in Japan.

    Dual Force Controller - Mad Catz was the first company to make Dual Shock compatible 3rd party game pads, and this was their initial offering. While being more comfortable than Sony's, it's rumbling is much lighter and doesn't have the "oompfh" of the official product.

    Dual Shock Controller - This is a controller with 2 analog thumbpads on it, and a "rumble pack" type feature. I finally got one of these and its rumble feature is even better than the N64's, plus it doesn't require any batteries.

    EA Gamepad - Electronic Art's "Sports Pad". Had it not been for the lack of force feedback and the lack of analog sticks on it, this pad would be an excellent replacement for Sony's Dual Shock pad.

    GunCon - Namco's light gun that came packed in with Time Crisis in the US. Uses RCA Video plug for video feed so that it can (in theory) get pixel perfect accuracy. Aviable only in grey in the US, but aviable in black in Japan.

    JogCon - Namco's new R4 Racing Controller. It has a little steering wheel in the center under the Start and Select buttons. Has true force feedback vice the rumble of Sony's Dual Shock controllers.

    Naki Analog Rocker Pad -

    Super Cobra - A very functional light gun that's packed with gimmicks galore. You can attach foot pedals to it, it has some sembelance of dual shock compliance, it has flashing LEDs on the barrel, and it's compatible with the Saturn. It works with GunCon games to boot.

    Memory Cards

    Dex Drive - Interact came up with a real winner when they made this. A small device that connects to your PC via a 9 pin serial cable. Using it's included Win95 software, you can manage your save games off your memory card(s), send your save games to a friend via e Mail, or even download save games off the internet.

    Memory Card - This is probably the most necessary of the accessories for the PSX as it allows you to save your position, or stats in a game and return to them later. It also allows you to take your data and use it on a different Playstation.

    Pocketstation - Sony's PDA anwser to the VMS / VMU from Sega. A unique little gem that allows you to play little mini games downloaded from supporting games.

    Video Selectors / Video Outputs

    ASCII AV Selector - Nice little box that supports up to 6 systems to be hooked into it. Supports RCA and Svideo cables.

    PSX AV Adaptor - Adaptor to hook up your GunCon to the back of your Playstation if you have one of the newer 5000 Series models or higher. By Nyko.

    Misc. / Other

    Cooling Station - A small box that sits under the Playstation and prevents it from overheating. From Nuby.

    Intensor - An expensive chair that acts as a subwoofer. A very subjective piece of hardware that many find very uncomfortable and not very effective.

    Pad Stick - 4 small sticks that attach to the PSX Controller for those who need something more comfortable on their thumb.

    Reality Vest - A vest that has 4 vibrating areas, 2 on the chest and 2 right by the shoulder blades that react much like the dual shock feature of the Dual Shock Controllers.

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