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    Roushi ~
    PSX Maintainer

    PlayStation Emulation Sections . .

    Hello, here is a little page about myself to help familarize you with me. I am currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and ranked an E3 (Lance Corporal). I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan on Camp Hansen wit h 7th Communication Battalion. My Military Occupational Specality (MOS) is Field Wireman (2512) which is probably one of the most unrewarding of all the jobs. Basically we install phones and run switchboards. It's really boring, and it's not what I signed up for, but what the hell, I should have known the recruiter was going to screw me over :).

    I've been here since May of 1998, and have been using the substandard internet service provided by MWR Konnect since November 1998. As far as monopolies go, I'd have to say MWR is the most evil. Since the govermen t won't let anyone else provide their services on base, MWR is free to screw you in any way they see fit. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shutting down your account saying that you haven't paid your bill in 3 months if you paid or not.
  • (Raising their fee from $23 to $28 a month citing "the growing cost of running an ISP" as the reason, while still offering only 80 hours per month
  • Charging $2 for every hour over 80 hours you use each month.

    Maybe I'm just spoiled though. Back when I was in the states I never paid more than $20 a month for unlimited internet usage on a normal ISP, and $15 a month on my phone line. A cable modem from Time Warner only cost $40 unlimited a month. Here it cost s $24 a month for a phone and $28 for 80 hours of net usage. There are providers out on town that offer unlimited usage for $19~$20, but it is charged as a long distance call on the phone bill. Good job looking out for "the boys overseas" MWR...

    I've been a big fan of the Playstation since '95 when my brother borrowed his friend's along with a copy of Tekken (which I played the hell out of in the arcade, along with Tekken 2 the following year). My brother bought a PSX not long after and I was hooked. I played about everything I could get my hands on, from Toshinden to Burning Road to Ridge Racer to Tekken to Bottom of the Ninth to Air Combat..EVERYTHING. Unfortunatly in September 96, the day before a Tekken 2 tournament, his PSX and all our ga mes were stollen. I didn't get another PSX until December 98 when I got home from boot camp. Between that time I spent alot of my life going to concerts, playing my Saturn, and just totally playing the hell out of Quake (which to this day stands as "The G ame I Owe The Downfall of My Life To").

    Being from a different school of thought, I personally can not stand may of the popular games of today. For instance, I think Final Fantasy 7 is overhyped crap with a horrible story, terrible animation, and trite music, whereas I think Star Ocean II is the single best RPG I've played since Panzer Dragoon (and before that Final Fantasy 6 was my favorite). I also can not see the alure to Tekken 3 or Tekken Tag what-so-ever, even though I was a huge fan of Tekken I and II. I guess it's all that time I spe nt playing the Virtua Fighter series and Dead or Alive. Below is a simple list of "what most people like" -> "what I like" :)

  • Street Fighter Zero 3 -> Street Fighter Zero 2 Gold
  • Capcom VS. Series -> King of Fighters Series
  • Final Fantasy 7 -> Star Ocean II
  • Tekken Tag -> Dead or Alive ++
  • Parappa The Rapper -> Beatmaina
  • Legacy of Kain -> Alundra
  • Lunar:The Silver Star Story -> Origional Sega CD version
  • Square -> Enix
  • Namco -> AM2
  • Pamela Anderson -> Jenna Fine :)

    What can I say, I'm an individualist :)

    You may notice a gap between updates sometimes exceeding 3 weeks. These gaps are caused by may different reasons including lack of time (oh god, if anyone knows what Field Days in the Marine Corps are, then you know why I don't even get to use my compu ter on Thursdays :)). Fear not though, as I am totally dedicated to this site and am always seeking to make it better, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.