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    Roushi ~
    PSX Maintainer

    P A R C O D E S

    Recently in Japan (and even in America and Europe), Sony as been implementing Mod Chip Protection into their games so that you can only play them on the system for which they were intended. If you try to play them on a system with a Mod Chip, then the game will display a message and freeze. This action has upset a great many people, and thankfully for us players, some people have been able to crack protection via Gameshark / Pro Action Replay codes.

    Please take into account that these codes may not work on your Gameshark or Pro Action Replay unless you have a proper bios installed. For instance, my Gameshark 2.1 uses these fine, while my PAR I got in Thailand doesn't do anything. Soon I hope to add bios upgrades to the utilities section.

    A-D E-J K-S T-Z

    Tokimeki Memorial Drama 3 by Konami

    Master Code
    D005C290 2021
    8005C28C FFF6
    D005C290 2021
    8005C28E 1000
    D001B3A6 1060
    8001B3A6 1000

    For Japanese Version

    Toma Runner by ?

    Master Code
    D016240E 1040
    8016240E 1000

    For Japanese Version

    Torn & Kobin by ?

    Master Code
    D001277A 1040
    8001277A 1000

    For Japanese Version

    Um Jammer Lammy by ?

    Master Code
    D01DA762 1040
    801DA762 1000

    For Japanese Version

    Vandal Hearts 2 by ?

    Master Code
    D00C49A2 1040
    800C49A2 1000

    D00C4A18 2021
    800C4A14 FFF6
    D00C4A18 2021
    800C4A16 1000

    For Japanese Version